Door-to-door auto transport and house move

Door-to-door auto transport for your household move


Every year, thousands of people up sticks and move across the country. It can be a stressful time for many of them but there is a way to lighten the load. When you’re planning a household move you’ve probably already thought about how you will move your belongings. But what about your car? 

You can always opt to drive to your new home, but it’s also possible to ship a car right to your door. Keep reading if you’d like to know what to do to arrange door-to-door auto transport. We’ll also help you find the best company and provide some tips to help make the process run like clockwork.

What is door-to-door car shipping?

Door-to-door auto transport is a form of auto shipping in which the company picks up and delivers your vehicle as close to a predefined location as possible. You could have a car delivered right to your door as long as it’s safe and legal to do so. 

If there are parking restrictions, low-hanging branches, or power lines, an alternative location can be agreed upon. Where that location depends on you. It could be your place of work, a local parking lot, shopping mall, or storage facility.

The benefits of door-to-door shipping

Ship a car right to your door and you’ll save money and time. A road trip might sound appealing, but do you need the additional stress? Days and days on the road, sitting behind the wheel is tiring. Waiting in traffic is frustrating. Then you’ve got the additional costs involved in such a trip. Accommodation, food and drinks, filling the gas tank, and let’s not forget the hidden cost of all that wear and tear

Personal service

Door-to-door auto transport is a very personal service. You don’t have to drop your vehicle at a terminal for some faceless carrier to transport for you. When your car is picked up, you get to meet the driver and supervise the loading and unloading of your vehicle. 

Multiple-vehicle shipping

How many cars are there in your household? Has the wife got one, and the college kids and yourself. An increasing number of households have more than one car. However, that’s not an issue if you book door-to-door car shipping. Arrangements can be made to have one, two, three, four, or more vehicles delivered to your door. 

Open car transport vs enclosed auto transport

When you contact an auto transport company you get the option of open car transport or enclosed auto transport. Which one is right for you depends on the value you place on your vehicle.

Open car transport

Shipping your vehicle via open car transport is cheaper than enclosed auto transport. Open trailers are the most common method of transporting a car and almost 90% of auto transportation is carried out this way. 

An important benefit of open car transport is that they are more available. Ultimately, this means you’re more likely to find someone to ship your car, even if you’re making last-minute arrangements. 

If you want to know the cost of shipping a car using an open trailer, use our instant online quote calculator. You also have the option of speaking with our shipping advisors by Live Chat or phone. 

Enclosed auto transport

This form of car transportation is designed with owners of expensive, classic, or custom cars. Vehicles shipped in this way are completely enclosed on all four sides, protected from the weather and any traffic debris. 

Enclosed auto transport a little bit more expensive way to ship a car, but this is typically not an issue for owners of prestigious vehicles. 

How to find the best door-to-door auto transport company

Before you choose a door-to-door auto transport company there are some important questions to ask. You want your vehicle to arrive at its final destination on time and safely. Make note of the following:

License status

For a carrier to be allowed to transport vehicles, they have to be authorized by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The FMCSA issues every authorised operator with a DOT (MC number). When you contact an auto transport company always ask for this number and then check whether it’s valid on the FMCSA website.  

Reputation and experience

Carriers not worth their salt quickly go out of business. Choose a company with several years experience and a good reputation, both on and offline.  

Customer feedback

There are many reliable websites you can visit to check out customer reviews. Bing, Yahoo, Google, BBB, and TrustPilot to name just a few.  

Auto transport options 

We’ve already mentioned open car transport and enclosed auto transport, but are there further options to choose from. The variety of services available, the better chance you have of booking a door-to-door car shipping service that meets your needs. Ask about Hawaii car shipping, express auto transport, and guaranteed pick-ups. 

Cargo insurance

Auto transport companies must provide cargo insurance for every vehicle transported. When you contact a carrier ask for proof of their insurance. You might also want to check the fine print of any information you get to ensure the cost of the insurance is included in the price. That way you won’t be caught out by any unexpected or hidden fees. 

Personal items

When you’re getting your car delivered to your door it’s very useful if you can ship personal items in your car. Not only will it save the cost of moving house it also means you can have important items shipped separately from the rest of your belongings. 

What you have to do to prepare your vehicle for shipping

Before your car is picked up by the door-to-door auto transport company there are a few things you need to do.

Wash your car

Before your car is picked up make sure you wash it thoroughly. A thick layer of dust and dirt can hide all those scratches, dents, and dings. If your car is clean you’re better able to notice any damage caused during the shipping process when it’s delivered right to your door. 

Clean the inside of your car

While auto transport is a very safe and secure option, your vehicle will get jostled around a little bit. If you don’t want things to get tossed around inside, clean the interior and remove anything not secured. This includes your spare change and air fresheners, electronics, and supporting cables and chargers. 

Disable the alarm

The truck driver won’t be very impressed if your car alarm keeps getting activated during transport. Make sure you disable any alarm systems your car might have. 

Don’t gas up

There is no need to fill your gas tank before it’s picked up. A full tank of gas makes your car heavier. Leave as little fuel in the tank as possible. 

Check for leaks

Check the undercarriage for any possible leaks. If you find there is one, get it repaired prior to your moving day. 

Check tire pressure

Under or over-inflated tires are just as risky when your car is being transported. If your tires are not properly inflated, you risk damaging them during unloading and loading. 

If you’re about to move house and are looking for a reputable door-to-door auto transport service, get in touch by calling (864) 546-5038. We have an online quote calculator and our shipping advisors are also available by Live Chat.

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