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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Truck?


Pickup trucks are popular all over the US. You can use one for so many things and they are very powerful. However, some occasions might call for a different approach. For example, when you need to get your pickup to a specialist garage for some work. Driving it to the garage is not the best option because it’s across the other side of the country.

For this type of situation and many others besides, shipping your truck with an auto transport company is the smart option. That’s all very well and good, but how much does it cost to get a truck shipped?

Let’s see if we can answer your question. First, let’s share some prices for the average cost to ship a truck.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Truck Shipped, on Average?

It’s not possible to be exact when it comes to truck shipping costs because everyone’s needs and circumstances are different. However, we can get the ball rolling by looking at some average prices per mile and for a sample distance: 

Distance in milesType of shipping serviceAverage price per mileSample distance in milesSample price


Bear in mind that these are meant as a guideline. 

If you want a more exact car transport truck price, get in touch and get a quote today.  

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping a Truck

Several things can affect the price you pay for shipping your truck with an auto transport management company like SGT Auto Transport. 

Distance Between the Pick-up and Delivery Location

This is the most important factor when it comes to the cost of shipping your truck. 

It’s pretty obvious that the further you want to transport your truck the more it will cost. While the cost per mile gets smaller, the total truck shipping cost is going to be more. 

In addition, the actual location of these points also makes a difference. For example, if either location is in a rural area, it’ll cost more than transporting your truck between more metropolitan locations. 

Condition of Your Truck

You might want to ship your truck because it’s not running and must be taken to a garage for work. 

If your truck is inoperable, the carrier will need specialist equipment to load and unload it. For you, this could mean an additional shipping truck cost.

Size and Weight of Your Truck

Pickup trucks come in a range of sizes and shapes. Carriers have to operate within strict weight restrictions, meaning fewer vehicles on the trailer if they are heavy. 

Trucks tend to be bigger and heavier than the average car, so the car transport by truck price is higher. 

How You Want Your To Be to Be Delivered

Door-to-door shipping is the service we provide here at SGT Auto Transport. We arrange for a carrier to collect your vehicle from your home or somewhere else close by. Following the transportation part of the service, we arrange for the carrier to deliver your truck to a destination of your choosing. 

This isn’t the only auto transport service available. There is also terminal-to-terminal shipping. It’s not as convenient as door-to-door but is sometimes cheaper. However, additional costs may be involved as you have to get your truck to the terminal and arrange to collect it and drive it home.

Type of Shipping Service

You have two main options when it comes to shipping your truck: open vs. enclosed. Which one you choose depends on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Open car transport is the standard way to ship a pick-up truck. Your truck is loaded onto an open trailer along with several other vehicles. It’s the cheapest option and also the more flexible because more carriers offer this option. 

Your truck will be exposed to traffic grime and the weather during shipping, but the risk of damage is very small.

Enclosed auto transport is the second option, but for pickup trucks, it’s extremely rare. This shipping service is meant for owners of high-end, exotic, classic, antique, custom, and classic vehicles. The cost of this service is between 30% and 40% higher, but your pickup truck will be completely protected. 

Speed of Delivery

In general, you will have to wait between 5 and 7 days for a carrier to pick up your truck. It will then take up to 10 days for it to be delivered, depending on the distance. 

If you haven’t got the time to wait and need your truck shipped quicker than that, you have the option of express car shipping or guaranteed pick-up.

Choose express car shipping and your truck will be collected in 1-2 business days. With guaranteed pick-up, you will have a 24-hour window for the collection of your truck. When it comes to truck shipping costs, these are both more expensive. 

The Price of Fuel  

This is one factor that individual customers have no control over. You can’t control whether the price of fuel will go up or down. It can also vary considerably between different locations. 

Fuel prices are one of the biggest variables in the auto transport industry. Unfortunately for the customer, the carrier is likely to pass on any increases to you.

Peak Seasons and Off-Peak Discounts

The auto transport industry experiences fluctuations in pricing based on peak seasons and high-demand periods. Understanding these trends is crucial if you want to transport your truck but at the same time save on the cost.  

Summer Rush and Snowbird Season

Summer is often the busiest season for auto transport, with many individuals moving or going on extended vacations. Additionally, the “snowbird” season, where people move south to escape winter, contributes to increased demand.

Higher demand during these peak periods can lead to increased prices for auto transport services. Carrier availability may also be limited.

Winter and Holiday Periods

Winter, despite being off-peak for some routes, experiences increased demand for snowbird destinations and holiday travel. 

Similar to summer, winter peak seasons can lead to higher pricing due to elevated demand and limited carrier availability.

Cost Savings During Off-Peak Times

  • Fall and Spring: Fall and spring are generally off-peak periods, with more favorable conditions for vehicle transport. During these seasons, some auto transport companies may offer discounts or lower rates to attract customers and help keep carrier fleets operational. 
  • Weekdays and Mid-Month: Auto transport demand tends to be lower on weekdays and during the middle of the month. Some companies offer lower rates for customers who can schedule their transport during these less busy times. 

Planning Ahead for Cost Advantage

  • Early Booking: Planning ahead allows you to secure preferred transport dates during off-peak periods, avoiding the rush and potential price surges. Auto transport companies sometimes offer early booking discounts to encourage customers to schedule ahead.
  • Flexible Scheduling: If you can be flexible with pick-up and delivery dates, especially during off-peak seasons, it could lead to shipping truck cost savings. Being flexible also increases the chances of securing a carrier at a more reasonable rate. 
  • Off-Season Planning: If you can plan your vehicle transport during off-seasons or less busy months, it could contribute to cost savings. When demand for shipping services is low, it might also provide you with more negotiation leverage to secure favorable pricing. 

Expedited/Express Shipping Costs

When time is of the essence, and trucks need to reach their destinations urgently, expedited transport becomes a critical solution. However, the convenience of expedited services comes with an associated cost. In this next section, we look at the factors influencing the costs of expedited truck transport and the considerations you should keep in mind when opting for these services. 

From understanding the increased rates to exploring the circumstances where expedited transport is a necessity, we aim to provide insights into making informed decisions when urgency meets logistical needs.

Costs and Considerations

  • Increased Transport Rates: Expedited shipping for trucks typically comes with higher transport rates compared to standard services. The urgency and specialized handling required contribute to elevated costs.
  • Time Sensitivity: Express truck transport is essential when time sensitivity is paramount. Businesses needing immediate access to their trucks or individuals with urgent relocation needs may find the added cost justified.
  • Limited Carrier Availability: Expedited services often involve prioritized access to carriers. However, the availability of carriers willing to accommodate expedited requests may be limited, impacting overall costs.
  • Distance and Route Planning: Express services typically prioritize direct routes to minimize transit times. However, this can result in higher costs, especially for long-distance transport, as carriers may need to deviate from standard routes. 

Circumstances in Which Express Transport Services Might be Necessary

There are several situations when express car shipping would be considered a necessary expense. They include:

  • Business Critical Situations: When a business relies on trucks for operations, any downtime could be costly. Express shipping services help minimize downtime, ensuring trucks are available to perform critical tasks.
  • Urgent Relocations: Individuals facing urgent relocations, such as job transfers or emergencies, may find expedited services necessary to ensure their trucks arrive at the new location swiftly.v 
  • Time-Sensitive Projects: Express transport becomes crucial for projects with time-sensitive deadlines, such as construction or event logistics, where the timely arrival of trucks is integral to project success.
  • Seasonal Demands: During peak seasons when demand for transport services is exceptionally high, expedited options may be more readily available but come at a premium. 
  • Emergency Replacements: In cases where a truck experiences a breakdown or mechanical failure, expedited transport can be a solution to swiftly replace the vehicle and maintain operational continuity. 

While express truck transport incurs additional costs, its necessity depends on the circumstances and specific needs of the truck owner or business. Balancing urgency with cost considerations and exploring alternatives can help individuals make informed decisions regarding express services for their trucks.  

If you haven’t booked your cross country car shipping yet, get in touch with us here at SGT Auto Transport. Use our Live Chat or speak directly with our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038. Let us help you transport your truck without breaking the bank.

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