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How to Ship a Car From California to Ohio (and Vice Versa)


Between the states of California and Ohio are a wealth of interesting and beautiful places to visit. If you’ve got the time and money is no object, taking a road trip might be an idea. However, there are some disadvantages to driving coast to coast that make auto transport a more viable option. 

In this post, you’ll find out why car shipping with a trusted company like SGT Auto Transport is a more convenient and affordable way to ship your car from California to Ohio.

The downsides of driving your car from California to Ohio

When it comes to long distance moves a common question is whether it’s better to drive or ship your car across country. The best car shipping companies in California are able to offer competitive rates and an efficient transport service, but you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it might be worthwhile to move the car yourself. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why driving your car is not always the best option.

Expenses while you’re on the road

Making the choice between driving and shipping your car might depend on which option is the cheapest. You might think you’ll save some money if you spend your time driving, but the additional costs tend to add up over long distances. 

If you’re considering driving, you’ll be paying for meals, accommodation, and potential stops at various places such as coffee shops, service stations, and maybe attractions you like the look of along the way. There’s also the cost of gas to consider along with the possibility of damage to your car such as a chipped windshield or blown tire. 

If you keep a tight budget the costs may stay reasonably low. However, the cost difference between shipping a car and driving could be much less than you’d expect. 

Wear and tear can be a costly hidden cost

Long distance road trips can be very taxing on your car. Don’t be at all surprised if wear and tear issues surface during your drive. Spending many days on the road can be quite challenging, from mechanical breakdowns to dented doors. 

There’s also the condition of the highway to take into consideration and severe weather conditions, depending on the time of year and your route. If parts of your car fail or become damaged while you’re on the highway it will cause stress and lead to unexpected expenses. 

Even if you enjoy a journey with no issues, the toll on your vehicle is significant. Parts are always going to need replacing, but a cross country road trip may speed up the process.

Your and your passengers safety

If safety is an important consideration the decision could well be simpler than you think. The distance between California and Ohio is roughly 2,400 miles. That’s a long time to be on the road and the risk of encountering various safety issues increases.

You might have unsafe road conditions to deal with and many dangerous drivers. Your car is also going to be at high risk of smash-and-grab opportunities in rest area parking lots or motels. 

Long distance driving can be very tedious and fatigue is a common problem. Accidents are more likely to occur because you’ll be experiencing decreased awareness. 

The benefits of shipping a car from California to Ohio

Hiring an auto transport company can benefit you in many ways. Right off the bat it’s a pain free service because reliable auto transport service providers are highly skilled and professional individuals with many years of car shipping experience. Everything is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind. But these aren’t the only advantages.

You can focus on more important things

You get peace of mind when you hire an auto transport company. Rather than driving your car to the otherside of the country, you can focus on more important things. 

An auto transport management company like SGT Auto Transport can find the most suitable carrier for you. Their shipping advisors will keep you informed and save you time and energy.  

The shipper plans everything for you

Thanks to Google and other forms of technology, planning a way of getting your car from point A to point B doesn’t seem that difficult. 

However, it’s not as simple as you think. The weather is something Google doesn’t always take into account, along with possible road construction and traffic jams. If you’re not familiar with the location, it could take forever to find an alternative route. Then there’s the hassle of limited hotel availability, where to get gas, and finding good food choices. Worst of all, you could break down in the middle of nowhere.  

Leave the transporting of your car to the pros who have all the right GPS devices that allow them to get your car from point A to point B efficiently, safely, and quickly. 

You’ll save time

Have you ever heard the saying, “You cannot save time, only spend it wisely?” This is very relevant when you want to ship a car from California to Ohio. rather than driving for several hours a day and a few days in a row on a long trip, let a car shipping company take all the driving time off your hands. 

Letting an auto transport company do everything for you is very convenient. All you’ve got to do is select a preferred date for the pick up and we’ll do the rest.  

Fewer miles on your car

Driving long distances in your car causes significant wear and tear. It also adds extra miles on the odometer. The end result could be costly maintenance and repair bills and will ultimately decrease the resale value of your car. 

Choose a car shipping company and there are no added miles, costly trips to a car mechanic, and no headaches. 

Safer for you and your family

Sitting in the driver’s seat for hours and hours can lead to extreme exhaustion, soreness, or back pain. None of these are much fun and will take the shine off being at your final destination. 

When you’re on the road there are potential dangers all around you, such as foul weather, roadblocks, traffic accidents, and dangerous drivers. If you want to keep your family sage, you’re going to appreciate the peace of mind that comes with auto transport services. 

Saves money

You’d be wrong in thinking that hiring a car shipping company is expensive. If you add up all the expenses that come with taking a road trip you’ll find that it comes out similar and might even be more expensive than a transportation company. 

Saves insurance costs

Car insurance costs vary depending on the number of miles you drive each year. The higher the number of miles, the more your insurance premiums could increase. Not to mention, that even a small road accident could cost you even more.

Ship your car from California to Ohio and you’re eliminating all these factors and it doesn’t affect your current car insurance rates. 

In addition, a reputable car transport company will provide insurance coverage, so you don’t have to use your own policy.  

The service is door-to-door and hassle-free

Think how convenient it’s going to be to have your car picked up and dropped off exactly where you want it. The truck driver will try to get as close as possible to your chosen location. In almost all cases, this can be right on your doorstep. 

You can move more than one vehicle

One of the biggest benefits of auto transport services is that you can move more than one vehicle. If you’re one of the many households that has more than one car, this is a significant advantage over driving them across the country. 

Protection from the elements

Elements such as rain, snow, pebbles, falling debris, rocks, and sticks can damage your car when you’re driving on the highway. And while your vehicle is exposed to many of these elements if you choose open car transport, potential dangers are minimized because your car is sitting higher off the road.

There’s also the option of enclosed car transport which will protect your car completely from all outside elements. 

No risk of vandalism or burglary

Your car is less likely to get vandalized or stolen while it is being transported. When you drive your car to a far off destination you’re more vulnerable to vandalism and burglary. 

Lower repair and maintenance costs

If you’re planning to drive your car over a long distance you’ll need to leave it with a mechanic for a while so they can give it a good check over. You might have to pay to get it tuned, the oil changed, and any general maintenance that’s required. 

If you get your car shipped, you won’t have to worry about any of that. 

Concessions and discounts

Many car shipping companies offer discounts in certain seasons and on certain routes. This can save a lot of money during the busy times of the year and on busy routes. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we also offer discounts for serving and retired members of the military, front line responders, students, and snowbirds. 


How much does it cost to ship a car from California?

The cost of shipping your car from California to Ohio and vice versa depends on the type of vehicle you want to ship. You can find out the exact cost by using our instant online calculator. 

What is the cheapest company to ship my car from California to Ohio?

While it might be very tempting to look for the cheapest company to ship your car it’s not necessarily the most sensible option. Too-good-to-miss prices are something to be wary of. The company boasting of the cheapest prices could be cutting corners along the way. They might take longer to ship your car, be unreliable, have insufficient insurance coverage, and lack the infrastructure to provide a good service.  

Is it better to ship my car from Ohio to California or drive?

Driving your car works out to be cheaper for shorter distances but shipping your car for longer distances is more convenient and worth the price. It’s also much safer and healthier for your car to be transported on the back of an open trailer or in an enclosed auto transport trailer. 

Is it cheaper to ship more than one car?

Just like many other services or products, it’s far more cost effective on a per car basis when you ship more than one car. 

Should I drive my car across country?

Driving your car across country is a viable option but there are some things you need to be aware of. It can be very stressful and tiring. It adds additional miles to your car’s odometer. All the additional costs you have to pay make it expensive. 

Now you know a little bit more about shipping a car from California to Ohio and vice versa,  it’s time to get in touch with our shipping advisors and ask for a quote. You can call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 

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