Top 5 Reasons to Ship Your Car from Hawaii to the Mainland

Top 5 Reasons to Ship Your Car from Hawaii to the Mainland


While relocating to Hawaii is a dream many people achieve, relocating in the other direction, from Hawaii to the mainland, is just as common. A dilemma that faces many of these people is what to do about their car. 

One of the most obvious solutions would be to drive their car back to their new home. Another possibility might be selling the car in Hawaii and buying, renting, or leasing a new one on the mainland. One option that’s not immediately obvious would be to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland

In this article, we’re going to explore all of these options. But only after discussing why shipping from Hawaii to California or any other destination on the mainland is the best one of all. 

5 Reasons to Ship a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland

There are plenty of benefits to shipping from Hawaii to the mainland if you decide that selling your car and buying, leasing, or renting a new one is not the best option. Some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy include the following:

1. Shipping a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland is Very Convenient

If you’re relocating to the mainland, there will be lots of things to worry about and think about. However, if you choose to ship your car from Hawaii, you won’t have to stress about driving such a long-distance as well as driving all your possessions. Even if you’re using professional movers, if you ship your car from Hawaii to the mainland, you’ll be able to fly to your new home and be there when your vehicle is delivered. 

2. Shipping a Car From Hawaii is a Very Safe Option

Having a professional company transport your car for you is much safer than driving. Professional Hawaii car shipping companies use experienced and reliable drivers, which means you won’t have to worry about your car breaking down, getting involved in an accident, dealing with harsh road conditions, or accompanying your vehicle on a long ocean journey. 

3. You’ll Save Miles

When you drive a car long distances, it puts unnecessary miles on your vehicle. This increases the wear and tear and can affect the car’s value, should you ever want to sell it. 

4. It’s a Much Cheaper Option

Compared to selling your vehicle and buying a new one, shipping your car will be a more affordable option. Compared to driving your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland, it can also work out cheaper if you choose to ship your car from Hawaii to the mainland.

Renting or leasing a vehicle for any length of time can work out to be extremely expensive. Having your own car to drive is a much cheaper option. 

If you want to know exactly how much it will cost, why not get an instant quote for shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland? Use our instant quote calculator, call (864) 546-5038, or use our Live Chat option. 

5. You’ll Save Time

Shipping from Hawaii to California or anywhere else on the mainland will save you time as you won’t be spending days, even weeks, on the road or sailing across the ocean. But, of course, the further you must travel, the greater the timesaving. And let’s not forget you’re also saving the time it might take to find a new vehicle

The Downside of Selling Your Car and Buying Another

There are a few benefits to selling your car and buying another one, but the disadvantages far outweigh them, and they are often the deal-breakers when someone moves from Hawaii to the mainland. Let’s look at the downsides of selling your car.

  • You’ll have to shop for a new one: Right after you’ve relocated, do you really want to spend the next few days, possibly even weeks, shopping for a new car? Not only will you need to look for a vehicle that fits your specific needs, but you’re also going to need to figure out how you’ll get to the local dealerships. 
  • It’s very inconvenient: You sell your vehicle before you leave Hawaii, so when you arrive on the mainland, you’ll have no car to help you get around. Until you find a suitable vehicle, you’ll need to arrange transportation. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to get anything done. 
  • It could be expensive: Selling your current vehicle and buying another one could cost you much more than shipping your car. Renting or leasing a car can also be a very costly option. 
  • You have to find a buyer: Selling a vehicle can take anything from a couple of hours to several months, even longer. There’s also the chance you might not sell it at all. To sell your vehicle, you’ll first have to find somewhere to list it and find a buyer. If one comes along, you’ll then have to negotiate a deal you’re happy with. If you feel you’re running out of time or get bored with the process, you could get desperate and sell your vehicle for much less than it’s worth. 
  • The vehicle you buy could be worse than the one you’ve already got: Have you ever heard the saying “Better the devil you know”? It’s worth thinking about this because it does have a certain ring of truth about it. If you sell your current vehicle and buy a used vehicle in your new home, you could end up with a car that’s got lots of issues. Even if you closely inspect the car you’re buying, there’s no guarantee there won’t be problems soon.  

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland, and buying a new car, renting, or leasing are not such good options. If you like the idea of shipping from Hawaii to the mainland, let’s look at how simple the process is.

Ship a Car From Hawaii to the Mainland

When you ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland, the process is relatively simple. 

Step 1: You get a quote and book your order

You can use our instant quote calculator to determine how much it costs to ship a car from Hawaii. You’ll need to provide a few details, for example:

  • Pick up and delivery locations. The pick-up location will have to be a port in Hawaii.
  • Choose between open car transport and enclosed auto transport (for transportation on the mainland).
  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  •  First available pick-up date. 

Once you’ve got your quote, you can decide whether you like the price. If you do, simply go ahead and book your order.

The only payment method available for Hawaii car shipping is credit card payment at the Regular Price. If you wish to use a company check, it will need to clear funding first for your shipment to be arranged. 

Step 2: Your car is picked up from a port in Hawaii

Your Hawaii car shipping service starts when you drop your vehicle at a port on one of the Hawaiian islands. There are several ports to choose from, for example, Honolulu, Kahului, Nawiliwili, or Hilo. 

When you deliver your car to one of these ports, there are some things you’ll need to take with you.

  • Confirmation of your auto transport order.
  • The keys for your car and the remote or the keys for your car alarm.
  • The registration documents for the car.
  • The title of the car. If the car is leased or financed, you’ll need to provide an authorization letter or power of attorney.
  • A government-issued picture ID.

You must also prepare your vehicle for shipping. You must remove all personal items, run the gas tank down to at least one-quarter full, clean the interior and exterior, check your vehicle is in an operable condition, and disconnect all alarms. 

It’s best to deliver the car to the port yourself, but this isn’t always possible. In such cases, you can appoint a representative to act on your behalf. They must be 18 years of age or older. They will also need proof of a power of attorney confirming that the car can be shipped.

If you’re shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland, it’s not possible to store any personal items in the vehicle. So all personal items must be removed before your car leaves the port.   

Step 3: The auto transport company delivers your vehicle

When your car arrives on the mainland, you can arrange for it to be collected and delivered to your door by an auto transport company. You’ll be contacted by the company a few hours before they’re due to deliver your vehicle. This is to ensure you’re available to receive the delivery. 

When your car arrives, make sure you scrutinize it and compare its condition with the Bill of Lading. If everything is in order, you sign the Bill of Lading and receive your car.

If you want to know more about shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland, our shipping advisors will be happy to answer your questions. You can also speak with them and get an instant quote for shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland. 

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