Why Auto Transport is a Great Idea

Why Auto Transport is a Great Idea


Cars have become an essential part of our lives, and for many, buying one can be a significant investment. It’s a very convenient way to get around and a possession we’re often extremely proud of. However, there are a few situations that can be challenging when it comes to owning a car.

Thankfully, auto transport companies have made these situations much more straightforward. So let’s start by giving you a few examples of when auto transport is a great idea.

Household Moves

If you and your family have to move a long distance, you’ll probably hire movers to transport your belongings. But what about transporting your car? Driving a long distance might not be ideal because it’ll be very tiring and stressful. It also puts extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus, you’ll need to take time off work to do it.

An auto transport company eliminates all the hassle of driving your car yourself.

College Students

If you’ve got a child heading off to college, auto shipping is a convenient and safe way to get a vehicle to them. It’s a much safer option than them driving their car thousands of miles. 

Shipping Multiple Vehicles

Every year, the number of households owning more than one car increases. So, if you’re relocating and want to take your cars with you, auto transport is an excellent option for moving more than one vehicle. You can also expect to save money and benefit from a lower rate when you ship multiple vehicles. 

It’s also an excellent solution for avid car collectors who want to transport more than one car to the next automotive show or the garage for some repair work. 

Transporting Antique or Exotic Vehicles

Proud owners of classic, custom, exotic, vintage, or luxury cars don’t usually want to drive their vehicles thousands of miles when they relocate. Any additional mileage will decrease the value of such special vehicles, and then there’s the extra wear and tear to consider. 

Purchasing a Vehicle Out of State

You don’t have to visit a dealership to buy a car because, thanks to the internet, you can buy your car online. But what if you happen to find your dream car and it’s located across the country? It’s very straightforward to purchase the vehicle online and have it shipped directly to your door. 

Heading South for the Winter

If you’re a snowbird that heads south for the winter and then north again for the summer, being able to have your car with you at all times has obvious benefits. You won’t have to rent or lease a vehicle to get around, and with auto transport, it can be there on your arrival. 

Now you’re aware of some of the situations that would benefit from an auto transport service, let’s look a little closer at why auto transport is a good idea.

Auto Transport is Safer for You and Your Car

Auto transport companies use large trailers to transport vehicles, and they are much less susceptible to accidents and damage. For high-value vehicles, there’s also the opinion of an enclosed trailer that encloses the vehicle completely. 

Reputable auto transport companies have insurance policies available that assume all liability of damage should an accident occur. This means that should something happen, you’ll pay nothing out of your pocket for any repairs and make it look as good as new. Although, it’s important to remember that the chances of something happening are remote.

It’s also safer for you because you’re not going to be driving for long periods. Driving exhaustion is a real thing, and then there’s terrible weather think about, the discomfort from sitting for such a long time, and the increased risk of being involved in an accident. 

A trusted car shipping company will have experienced drivers who are well-equipped to drive long distances. They will also follow strict schedules to avoid exhaustion.

Your Auto Transport Service Ban be Customized to Your Needs

Vehicles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, people’s auto transport needs vary, and vehicles also have to be shipped to and from varying locations. One very convenient feature of any auto transport service is that it can be tailored to your needs.

There are, for example, two main types of auto transport: open and enclosed transport. 

Open transport is when a carrier transports a vehicle in a trailer that’s open on all sides. Of course, the vehicles are exposed to the weather, but it is nevertheless a very safe and secure way to ship a car. It is also the most common type of auto transport and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles. 

Enclosed transport is less common, and usually more expensive than open transport. A carrier that offers enclosed transport ships the vehicles in an enclosed trailer. Such a container protects the vehicles inside from the weather conditions and roadside debris. This type of auto transport service is typically recommended for classic, custom, vintage, modified, and luxury vehicles because of the added level of protection. However, this service is available for anyone who wants it. 

Other auto transport options include express auto transport, and guaranteed pick-up service, for those times when you’re in a hurry and need things done super quick.   

You’ll Put Fewer Miles on Your Car

There’s no reason you would want to put extra miles on your car if you could avoid it. Taking a long road trip would put unnecessary strain on certain parts of your vehicle and shorten its lifespan. 

Transport your car with a car shipping company, and you’ll preserve the condition of your vehicle, which is especially important if your vehicle is an exotic or classic car or it’s brand new.

Auto transport is an excellent option because your precious vehicle can be moved in an enclosed trailer for maximum protection from outdoor elements, road, and traffic grime.

Shipping a Car Saves You Time

If you’re thinking about driving your vehicle across the country, or even just across state lines, think about the time it’s going to take to do it. In our busy lives, time is precious, and if you’re relocating, you’ve already got plenty to think about without worrying about planning a long journey.

Leave the transporting of your vehicle in the capable hands of an auto shipping company, and the time you would have spent driving is freed up for more important things. For example, you’ll have more time for packing and unpacking, sorting out your utilities, and getting the rest of your paperwork settled.

Car Transport is Affordable

You might think it’s expensive to ship a car, but when you compare it with the cost of driving, auto transport is a more affordable option. 

If you drive your car yourself, you’ve got to think about all the expenses associated with making such a long trip. Not only will you have gas to think about, but there’s also the cost of food and lodging as well. In addition, if your car breaks down, there will also be repair and recovery bills to add to the total cost. 

Costs can mount up very quickly when you’re driving long distances, and you never know when an emergency will arise. Then you’ve got to factor in the time you’ll have to take off work. It could be very costly, if you’re out of paid vacation days. 

If you want to compare the cost of driving with an auto transport service, use our instant quote calculator. Alternatively, get a quote today by calling (864) 546-5038 today or use Live Chat.

When you request a quote from SGT Auto Transport, the price is all-inclusive and is for a door-to-door service. All taxes and insurance are included in the price. 

Several factors have to be taken into account when calculating the final cost of shipping a vehicle. The car’s make, model, and year are the most obvious, together with the distance your vehicle has to travel. 

The type of auto transport service also makes a difference, as does the time of year, whether your car is running or not, or has any modifications. 

You Can Ship a Car Almost Anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States. You can ship your car almost anywhere. From the very bottom of Texas to the tip of Maine, from New York to Hawaii, Houston to Washington, and anywhere in between shouldn’t be a problem for a reliable auto transport company. 

Auto transport companies are very flexible and will be able to pick up and drop off your vehicle almost anywhere in the country. Put your trust in experts like SGT Auto Transport, who are trained in long-distance logistics, and you’ll be able to get your vehicle exactly where you want it to be.  

Auto Transport Gives You Peace of Mind

Here at SGT Auto Transport, we like to take good care of our customers. We aim to make your auto transport experience a good one. To ensure this, we offer affordable prices, transparency, and honesty. Furthermore, we promise a service that gives you personal attention and an explanation of how the car shipping process works. 

Our shipping advisors are on hand to answer all your questions, whether you want to ship an everyday sedan or an exotic supercar, your vehicle will be safe with us. 

Get in touch today for your personalized auto transport quote.

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