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What Does Door to Door Transport Really Mean?

What Does Door to Door Transport Really Mean

What Does Door to Door Transport Really Mean?

If you need to move your car from one state to another or across the country, you’ll be given several different options. One of these relates to the type of trailer your car is transported on. Another variable relates to the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Visit any auto transport website and you’ll see a variety of different terms being used. Here at SGT Auto Transport, we offer a door-to-door service. But what does that mean?

What is Door-to-Door Transport?

It doesn’t actually mean your vehicle is picked up from your front door and dropped at the door of your chosen location. What it does mean, however, is that it gets picked up and delivered as close to the specified locations as possible. There are some occasions when the truck transporting your car can pull up right outside the front of your home but this is not always the case. Here are some of the reasons why this doesn’t happen:

  • Auto transport companies use trucks that are up to 80 feet long. Imagine trying to drive a truck of that size in a residential area.
  • Large trucks aren’t allowed to pull up wherever they want in order to load or unload a vehicle.
  • Low-hanging branches can interfere with the open trailers that are commonly used to transport cars.

The Pros and Cons of Door-to-Door Transport

  • Convenience – if your vehicle is being picked up and delivered as close to the chosen locations as possible it means you don’t have to travel too far. A mutually-agreed upon a location that’s safe and convenient is chosen. 
  • Safety – many owners choose to ship their vehicles using door-to-door shipping because it’s much safer. For owners of luxury, classic, custom or exotic vehicles it means only one party is involved in the shipping process and there’s less risk of any damage. 
  • Reliability – this type of service is far more reliable as fewer parties are handling your vehicle. All aspects of the service are handled by one carrier which guarantees reliability.
  • Personal Service – when your vehicle is picked up close to your home you get to meet the driver. You’ll be able to exchange contact information and keep in touch. 
  • Cost – there is really only one downside and that’s the cost. Door-to-door transport tends to cost more than terminal to terminal shipping. Rest assured, however, because here at SGT Auto Transport we always secure the best price possible.

If you think door-to-door shipping is the right choice for you and your vehicle, check out our prices using our online calculator. Alternatively, pick up the phone and call (866) 774 6570 today. A shipping agent is available to answer any questions and provide a free instant quote.