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What is Top Load Transport?

What is Top Load Transport?

What is Top Load Transport?

Companies that transport cars state to state offer several variations when it comes to the service they provide. The aim is to provide a service that meets the needs of most people, so there have to be several options. You get to choose between open and enclosed trailers when you ship a car from state to state or across the country. Other options include:

Another term you might encounter is top load transport.

What is Top Load Transport?

If you choose top load transport your car is placed on the top, or the highest level, of the transport trailer. You’ve all passed car carriers on the highway and are aware that generally there are two levels. Top load is a term used when referring to the top level of the trailer.

Why Choose Top Load Transport?

Choosing standard auto truck transport means your car is transported along with a number of other vehicles, sometimes as many as ten. The other vehicles on the truck can be in any condition and your vehicle might end up being transported underneath an older car.

Anyone with an older car understands how they can leak fluids and if an older car is above your vehicle you can guess what might happen. Having fluids leaking onto your car is not the ideal situation, especially if you’re shipping a classic or custom car. One way to stop this from happening is to request top load transport.

Another reason to request top load transport is for extra protection. When a car is being shipped on an open trailer it’s at risk of being damaged by dirt, rocks, and other road debris. You’ve all experienced it when driving along the highway and when your car is transported on the lower level of a trailer it’s no different. Anything flying up from the road could potentially damage your car, leaving small dings and dents and sometimes even cracking a windshield.

At this point, it's worth pointing out that while these things can happen, there's no guarantee they will. Incidents of this kind are extremely rare. Using an auto delivery service is one of the safest ways to transport a vehicle over a long distance.

Do You Have to Pay for Top Load Transport?

In many cases, paying for top load transport is optional. It’s possible for your car to end up on the top deck of the trailer without you making any arrangements. However, if you want to guarantee a top spot you have to pay extra car transportation charges.

There are other instances when top load transport might be required. For example, if your car is taller than a standard vehicle. Not all vehicles are able to fit on the lower decks.    

Top Load Car Delivery Cost   

Car freight companies that offer top load transport are going to cost a little more. It’s possible to request this service but be prepared to pay extra. Here are SGT Auto Transport we do offer this service, and the charge is fixed at $75. Call (866) 774 6570 for a top load car transport cost estimate.

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