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College students car shipping services

Having your car with you at college means you’re able to get around without any problems. As a college student, your pockets might not be as deep as many other people’s, however, you don’t need to worry because we can offer you cheap car transport with our special discounts.

Whether you need auto movers yourself or you want to book with the best auto transport companies for your son or daughter, give us a call on (866) 774 6570.

There’s One Less Thing to Worry About

When you’re moving to college for the first time there are a wealth of things to occupy your mind. There’s accommodation to organize, class schedules, a socializing calendar to prepare and of course you need to be able to get around.

SGT Auto Transport is an auto transport management company both parents and college students have been turning to for several years. For parents, seeing their kids heading off to college is an emotional time. For new students it an exciting time in their life. Use our auto transport services and you’ve got one less thing to stress over and be better able to concentrate on more important things.

Should I Transport my Car or Drive it to College?

Taking a road trip before starting college might seem like a fun thing to do, especially if you can convince a few mates to tag along. Bear in mind, however, that driving long distances is tiring, frustrating, and often expensive. Cheap auto transport, like the services we offer, are a much safer option.

If you want to know more about our vehicle transport rates use our online calculator. Alternatively, our shipping advisors can answer your questions, provide a free instant quote and give you more details regarding our discounts.

Using automobile transport companies, like ours, means you get to avoid all the risks that come with driving across vast distances. There are also savings to be made on travel expenses, gas, and food. Add to that the reduced wear and tear on your vehicle and booking with the best auto shipping companies is a win win situation.

The carriers we have connections with are used to traveling the roads of the US every day and know them better than you ever could. Their experience means they’re able to handle all manner of weather conditions and have your vehicle delivered safely and on time.

Book Your College Students Auto Transport Today

It’s always advisable to make your transport booking as far in advance as possible. You know what date college starts, so get your skates on and make a booking today.

Our shipping advisors can be spoken to directly by calling (866) 774 6570, or you can use our online chat option.

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