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Door-to-door auto transport is exactly what it sounds like and precisely as convenient. When arranging for your car to be shipped, you are mainly concerned with safety, timing and cost. Even though the door-to-door delivery service is not the cheapest option out there, it is the most efficient and secure one. What it essentially means is that you, or a person designated by you, will be meeting the driver directly at the time of pickup and delivery. No third parties will be involved. This puts you in total control of your shipment and the personal items you might be shipping in the cargo area. You could inspect the vehicle thoroughly yourself and make sure you mark any preexisting damage or just peculiarities everyone involved in the process should be aware of.

An important condition for a smooth and effortless transportation service is that the pickup and delivery locations are accessible for large trucks. The driver responsible for your vehicle will get as close to the desired street or meeting point as physically possible. Keep in mind that low hanging tree branches and electrical wires can make it impossible for a truck to manoeuvre safely and this is something all transport companies have to deal with. Other reasons why the truck might not get precisely to your door could be that your driveway is too narrow or that the city you live in has restrictions on large trucks getting into residential areas. When you talk to your SGT Auto Transport representative, make sure that you discuss your particular situation and you know if the truck will be able to get exactly to where you want it. If your representative confirms that the trucker won’t be able to make it, you will have to meet him somewhere convenient for both of you. It could be a shopping centres’ parking lot, a truck stop, a larger street nearby or anywhere you know big trucks could get without a problem. You can either have us tell the driver where he will be meeting you once we assign him or you could arrange that with him directly once we provide you his contact information.

Direct shipping is a lot more efficient and reliable than all other all other types of transport, and especially than terminal-to-terminal. Yes, there are situations in which this could be a good solution but for most people it isn’t. It increases transit time significantly and you don’t really know who will be driving the vehicle—if it’s going to be only one person or multiple drivers, etc. As we all know, the more people are involved in a process, the bigger the chance that something goes wrong. Also, the drivers doing terminal-to-terminal shipments sometimes wait for their trucks to be fully loaded to get going. This could take a lot of time and cause you unnecessary stress and inconvenience mainly because you won’t be getting frequent updates. With door-to-door, you know your driver’s name, you can talk to him or her directly at any given time—or, if you prefer, you can have us contact him or her for you. Moreover, the driver won’t wait and is ready to get on the road once he is assigned.

When considering direct car shipping, you should take into account that you will need another vehicle to go get yours. If you have multiple vehicles in your household, this could be less of a problem (although your spouse will probably need their car to go to work and drop off the kids to school). This is not something you have to think about because the driver will drop off the car right to your doorstep. It’s efficient, easy and as stress-free as possible.

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