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Thanksgiving special

Gratitude on the Move: SGT Auto Transport's Thanksgiving Winners Revealed

We are thrilled to announce the heartwarming results of the SGT Auto Transport Thanksgiving Giveaway! Please note that this competition is now closed for entries.[...]

Young Woman Touching a New Car

Holiday Haul: Auto Transporters Delivering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

This year, we’ve decided to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and rev up the savings with our very own Black Friday Deal.[...]

CEO of SGT Auto Transport

Driving Success: A Candid Conversation with SGT Auto Transport’s CEO on National Entrepreneurs Day

Rev up your entrepreneurial spirit and buckle up for a joyride into the world of success. On National Entrepreneurs Day, we sit down with SGT Auto Transport’s CEO for an exhilarating Q&A adventure. Fasten your seatbelts - innovation awaits. [...]

Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell a Car on Facebook Marketplace - Your Quick and Easy Guide

Selling a car on Facebook Marketplace is a pleasant experience, as long as you do it right. We thought it would be a good idea to guide you through the process.[...]

Corvette uploading into a trailer

Is Long Distance Towing a Viable Choice for Car Transport?

If you ever need to move a car from one location to another, long distance, it’s important to research your options. The easiest probably seems like driving it yourself. It might also appear to be the cheapest option, but not when you look a little closer at the logistics. [...]

US veteran holding a bible

Honoring Those Who Served: The Auto Transport Industry’s Contribution to Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day of deep significance, a time to express gratitude for the brave men and women who have served in the military. In this blog post, we turn the spotlight on the auto transport industry’s contribution to honoring veterans on this special day.[...]

a group of people making a toast

Across the Miles: Auto Transport’s Role in Reuniting Friends for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has become more than just a trend; it’s a cherished tradition that warms the hearts of friends who have become family. However, as the miles separate us, celebrating this special occasion can pose a challenge. [...]

Green car loaded on a enclosed ttrailer

Protecting Your Shipment: The Ultimate Guide to SGT Auto Transport’s Contingency Cargo Insurance

In a world where shipping and transportation are integral to countless businesses and individual lives, ensuring the safety and security of your cargo is paramount. SGT Auto Transport’s newly introduced contingency cargo insurance is a game-changer, promising to shield your shipments from unexpected mishaps and uncertainties. [...]

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Travel Stress-Free: How Car Shipping Can Save Your Holiday Plans

Car shipping can save your Thanksgiving holiday plans by providing a convenient and efficient way to transport your vehicle to your destination. This can help you avoid the stress of driving long distances, especially during the busy holiday season. [...]

Men in glowing Halloween masks driving car at night

Auto Transport Safety Tips for Halloween Travel

It might surprise you to learn that, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians, twice as many kids are hit and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year, which is a scary statistic.[...]