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The Top States People Are Moving to and From in 2024


Migration from state to state in the US has become more commonplace than ever/ According to data from the US Census Bureau’s State-to-State Migration Flows survey in 2022, 8.2 million movers left one state for another. In 2024, the figures show that the country’s movers are still on the move. 

People relocate for various reasons, such as retirement, remote work protocols, or in the face of inflation. Whatever the reason, we’re currently experiencing new post-pandemic trends and patterns for movers nationwide. 

If you want to know the moving trends in 2024, keep reading.

10 States People Are Moving to in 2024

Southern states, where taxes are low and sunshine is abundant, tend to be very popular, but other states have attractive features, as you can see from the following list. 


In 2021, Texas gained over 12,700 residents. Part of the reason for the influx is the state’s conservative political environment, which is very inviting to people from nearby liberal states. Other reasons that make Texas a popular destination include low taxes, a robust economy, a low cost of living, and excellent weather. 


The Tampa Bay Times conducted a survey and found that taxes, affordable housing, sunshine, and relaxed COVID restrictions were the leading cause of Florida’s influx of residents. A magnet for those searching for an affordable endless summer includes the state’s sandy beaches and tropical weather. It’s always been popular with retirees, but increasing numbers of younger people are being attracted, particularly those with jobs that allow them to move around. 

South Carolina

The reasons behind South Carolina’s population increase are similar to Florida, with the addition of people looking for green spaces. The pandemic has spurred migration, with remote work allowing families to move closer together. The state’s strong job market is also helping keep residents there. Last year, the state saw net gains of more than 10,000 residents.

North Carolina

Some of the main reasons cited for North Carolina’s increasing population are work, family, and weather-related. The state’s topography also makes the state one of the most sought-after places to live among outdoor enthusiasts. In 2021, the state saw a 9,000-person net increase due largely to families’ newfound ability to choose where they live. 


Georgia experienced a net population gain of just over 5,000 last year. Families are arriving in droves to take advantage of the low housing costs and strong job market, but that’s not all. The state is also full of outdoor activity opportunities, tropical summers, mild winters, beaches, and plenty of mountainous terrains. 

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The number two industry in Tennessee is tourism. The state’s net gain of over 4,500 families can be partially attributed to Tennessee being ideal for living like you’re on vacation. Other factors that make it the perfect location for young families and retirees include the low cost of living, low taxes, expanding job market, and natural beauty. 


Last year, Nevada’s population increased by over 3,100 families. Many of the immigrants came from more humid states, such as the Pacific Northwest and southern states. The state is also popular with retirees for its weather, while its proximity to adventure-laden places and low cost of living are major driving factors among young movers.  


Many people leaving more expensive New England states are moving to Maine, a relatively low-cost northern neighbor. Recently, the state saw a net influx of over 2,500 families. It offers all the benefits of New England but without the crowds or expense. During the pandemic, remote workers and those seeking new employment flocked to the state. 


Delaware is another popular place to move to, similar to Maine. Low taxes, affordable housing, a strong job market, and proximity to nearby financial stronghold states make Delaware a go-to place for those who want to enjoy the trappings of East Coast living. Recently, the state grew by almost 2,200 families. 


Idaho is right next door to crowded, expensive West Coast states. However, thanks to its low cost of living, it’s close enough to the water but doesn’t have the real estate woes of living right on the coast. Booming agriculture and medicine job markets also increase the population in and around Boise. Last year, almost 1,800 more households came in than left.

10 States People Are Leaving in 2024

USPS change-of-address data shows these are the top 10 states people leave in 2024. 


Figures available for 2021 show a net loss of over 100,000 Californian households despite the state's pleasant climate and robust tech industry. Rising housing costs, taxes, and politics drive people to seek opportunities elsewhere. Other factors mentioned include the rising threat of wildfires and the constantly increasing cost of living. Many of the families moving away from California are relocating to Texas.

New York

It seems that moving out of New York has suddenly become trendy. Driving factors include the skyrocketing cost of living and ever-increasing local, state, and federal taxes. Many technology and banking industry professionals have found that working remotely due to the pandemic better suits their lifestyle, allowing them to leave the city and live closer to extended family members. In 2023, New York saw a net loss of more than 75,000 families. 

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According to IllinoisPolicy.org, the leading causes of population decline in the state of Illinois are opportunities for employment and better housing. Almost half of would-be movers consider the tax rate a major factor in their reasons for moving. In 2021, 29,000 outbound moves weren’t reciprocated. Factors that make the declining population worse include weather, high traffic levels, and crime. 


Pennsylvania recently experienced a decline of 18,000-plus households due to job losses resulting from the pandemic. The fact that Pennsylvania is cursed with sometimes sketchy weather certainly doesn’t help either. Some of the leavers are looking for better employment odds in nearby states, but more are taking the opportunity to head for warmer weather and a lower cost of living.


Two of the most frequently mentioned reasons behind the Massachusetts population decline are retirement and work motives. Last year, the state experienced a net loss of 15,489 households. While the state shows strong GDP growth and a robust economy, the recent push towards remote work allows families to leave high-density population areas and choose more suburban lifestyles beyond the state’s borders. 


The cost of living in Washington is skyrocketing, and this is driving some people to find refuge in places like Oregon and Idaho. Oregon’s cost of living is 7% cheaper, while Idaho has the lowest cost of living among the western states. The Evergreen State experienced a loss of over 13,000 families last year due to the ever-deepening housing crisis and the ability for many to work from home. 


Colorado used to be considered a swing state, but politics has shifted left in recent years. Conservatives are leaving the state for Texas and Arizona. Last year, 12,145 families left the state, and politics was just one factor. Other reasons for the move include the high cost of living and out-of-reach real estate prices. Traffic congestion, increasing crime rates, and pollution further seal the deal for many who decide to leave. 


Indiana lost almost 12,000 families last year due to lower-than-average pay. While the state’s cost of living is low, neighboring states pay better. Another reason for the decline is the state’s taxing of retirement income. Retired people on a fixed income may find better options outside of Indiana.  


The reasons given for leaving Michigan include retirement, family, and employment opportunities. Despite the nationwide worker shortages, young families in the state feel like better working conditions exist elsewhere. Last year, Michigan experienced a net loss of almost 11,000 households. 


Last year, 10,000 more families left Wisconsin than moved in. The decline is blamed on fallout from the pandemic, the state’s high tax rates, and harsh weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored the top states people are moving to and from in 2024, it’s clear that car trends play a significant role in these migration patterns. Whether you’re heading to a bustling urban center or a serene rural retreat, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely is a top priority.

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