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6 Things to Know About Shipping a Car From Michigan to Texas


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When it comes to shipping a car from Michigan to Texas and vice versa there are lots of things to think about. If you’ve never shipped a car before you might also be feeling a little apprehensive. It’s a perfectly natural reaction, after all your car is one of your prized possessions and you want it to be treated with care and respect. 

To put your mind at ease, this post will answer 6 of the most common questions. Keep reading to find out how much car shipping from Michigan to Texas costs, how long it takes, how to ship a car, other options for shipping your car, different types of car shipping services, documents you need, and finally, how to find the best car shipping companies in Michigan.   

1. The options for shipping a car from Texas to Michigan and vice versa

If you find yourself moving to or from Texas or Michigan or you find your dream car online and need to get it shipped, learning about the process and preparing for the journey will go a long way to ensuring the process takes place quickly, easily, and smoothly. 

Let’s start by exploring the options available for anyone shipping a car from Michigan to Texas and vice versa. Each of the following options has its benefits and drawbacks. Understanding what these are will make your decision easier. 

Drive it yourself

When it comes to shipping a car from Michigan to Texas or vice versa, the easiest way is to drive your car yourself. It’s around 1500 miles between these two magnificent states which is a fair distance. But there are several reasons why it’s not the best option. 

There’s the cost of gas that has to be considered and it’s also quite dangerous and stressful driving such long distances. Many things could go wrong with your car during such a long road trip and you’ll have to cover the cost of any repairs. Your car breaking down would be an unfortunate scenario, plus you’ll have to figure out how to get yourself and your vehicle back home. 

All these factors make driving more difficult than simply getting your car transported.  

Get someone to drive it for you

Another option is to hire a driver to drive your car from Texas to Michigan or in the other direction. There are professional drivers you can hire but it can be very expensive as you have to cover their travel expenses and other costs.

Use a train service

Using a train service is not the most common option for car shipping from Michigan to Texas but it’s dependable and safe.

The biggest drawback with this option is that trains don’t have access to many locations. Quite often, the locations are far from your home which means you’ve got the cost of getting your vehicle to its drop-off location. Shipping times are often longer and the cost could be higher due to the distance traveled and fuel costs.  

Ship your car by plane

Air transport is not a standard method for shipping a car from Michigan to Texas but it’s a great option if you want to ship your car in a short time. For example, you might have an emergency which means you need your vehicle right away. It might also be inconvenient to be without a car for a longer period. 

The main downside with this option is that the cost of shipping a car from Texas to Michigan will be much higher than other methods, particularly auto transport. 

Hire an auto transport service

Some people choose to drive between Texas and Michigan but more and more people find it easier and more cost-effective to hire and auto transport company such as SGT Auto Transport. There are several reasons why people choose car shipping companies in Michigan and Texas to transport their car. 

Using a professional auto transport company is more convenient, safer, and generally much cheaper than driving it yourself. Auto transport companies ship vehicles of all shapes and sizes when people don’t have the time, the means, or the inclination to drive themselves.

Auto transport companies also offer a wide range of services (we’ll look at these next), insurance coverage, door-to-door delivery, enclosed and open car shipping services. 

You might need to move your car for one of the following reasons:

  • You’re moving out of state
  • You bought the car online and want it shipped
  • You’re relocating for a short period
  • You need to transport your car because it’s not working

Whatever the reason for shipping your car from Michigan to Texas, there are car shipping companies in Michigan and Texas that can help with getting your vehicle transported, no matter where you need it to go.   

2. Car shipping options

If this is the first time you’re shipping your car you might be interested to know what different types of auto transport are available and how they work. The two most common types are open and enclosed auto transport, each of which have their pros and cons. 

Open car shipping service

Open auto transport is the most common way to ship a car. It’s also cheaper than enclosed auto transport. With this method, the carrier loads your car onto a large open trailer along with other vehicles. Up to 10 vehicles can be transported simultaneously to different destinations. 

Typically, carriers use either flatbed or multi-car trailers. These trailers have to sides or roof which means your car is exposed to the elements. Nevertheless, its a very effective, safe, and cost-effective way of shipping cars between Texas and Michigan. 

Enclosed auto transport services

Carriers who offer enclosed auto transport ship vehicles in a fully secured truck or trailer. The vehicles are transported inside the truck or trailer which means they’re not exposed to the elements, dirt, dust, or traffic grime. 

Enclosed car shipping is a good choice if you want to transport your classic, vintage, exotic, or luxury vehicle as securely as possible. With the extra protection provided by enclosed car shipping you know your vehicle will arrive at its destination in the same condition as it was picked up. 

One difference worth mentioning is that enclosed auto transport services are more expensive than open car shipping. 

3. Different car shipping services

There are also a couple of different car shipping services you can choose. 

Guaranteed pick-up

This is the kind of auto transport service that you can use if your time is limited. The carrier offers to pick up your car and deliver it to a specified location within a specific time frame. 

Express auto transport

Express auto transport is the best option if you’re looking for an auto transport service that’s available within the next 24-48 hours. It’s a premium auto transport service that allows you to book your shipment in one or two days.

Such an option is very useful if you’re in a rush and need your vehicle shipped as soon as possible. 

4. How much does shipping a car from Michigan to Texas cost?

The cost of shipping a car from Michigan to Texas and vice versa depends on many factors such as what service you choose, the type of vehicle, and how far your car needs to travel. In addition, you can choose different types of transport. Let’s look at the factors you need to consider:


The distance between the pick-up and delivery locations plays a prominent role in determining the cost of shipping. The farther the distance covered by the carrier, the higher the cost tends to be. 

Make and model

The type of car you want to ship is another crucial factor. Larger cars are most expensive to ship. For example, vans, trucks, and SUVs cost more to ship than smaller vehicles such as hatchbacks and sedans. 

Open vs enclosed transport

The transport method you choose can also determine how much it costs to ship a car from Texas to Michigan and vice versa. Open car transport is cheaper than enclosed car transport because more vehicles can be shipped simultaneously. 

Enclosed car shipping is more expensive because fewer cars can be shipped at the same time. Your car is also completely protected during transit, which adds to the cost. 

Time of year

There are hundreds of auto transport providers to choose from which means you can ship your car anytime you wish. There are also peaks and troughs in demand. For example, summer months tend to be busier for auto transport companies. People tend to move around more during the summer, and students also enjoy time off from school. If you need to ship your car during the summer, expect to pay a higher price than in the winter. 

Condition of your vehicle

Whether your vehicle is running also affects shipping costs. If your vehicle is completely inoperable, you could pay a higher price than a car that’s running. This is because cars with mechanical issues and those that aren’t running require special equipment and handling. 

The best way to find out how much it will cost to ship your vehicle from Michigan to Texas is to get in touch today and request a quote. Alternatively, why not use our instant quote calculator?

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5. How long does shipping a car from Michigan to Texas take?

A common question for people wanting to ship a car is “How long does it take?” Giving a definitive answer is virtually impossible as there are several factors that can impact the timeframe. 

Pick up and destination points

It is going to take more time if your pick up or delivery locations are in remote areas or an area that has lots of traffic jams. 

The route

The route a carrier has to take impacts how long it takes to ship a car between Michigan and Texas. If the carrier has to make a detour because of ongoing construction works, for example, it will take longer and add more miles to the transportation process. 

Roadblocks because of weather conditions and accidents

Roads can be blocked because of bad weather conditions like heavy snowfall or due to an accident. The carrier will have no option but to wait until the road is cleared again before they can continue with their journey. This is another factor that determines how long it takes to ship a car.  


The highways are often under construction which can lead to delays in the transport service. The roads might be closed off or inaccessible during construction work which means the carrier has to look for an alternative route. Luckily, the drivers are very experienced and will get your auto transport service back on track as soon as they can.  

6. Shipping a car from Michigan to Texas - How does the process work?

The car shipping process may seem a little daunting for anyone whoé never done it before. However, if you’re worried about shipping a car from Michigan to Texas and vice versa, you really don’t need to be. All it takes is three simple steps.

Step 1 - Get a quote and book your shipment

This first step is kind of in two parts. You start by getting quotes from a few different companies. This is the best way to ensure you get a competitive price and efficient service. 

When you contact different auto transport companies, ask about their license, and whether they are bonded and insured. Also ask whether they offer additional services and check that the quote is all inclusive. 

SGT Auto Transport offers an online instant quote option. Simply enter a few details such as the pick-up and delivery locations and the type of car you want shipped. A quote is generated instantly.

If you like the price, you confirm the details of your shipment and make your booking.  

Step 2 - Your car is picked up for shipping

When you make your booking, you schedule a date for the pick-up. Typically, you’ll be given a window of two to four days for the carrier to pick up your vehicle. If you need it done sooner that’s not a problem, just let us know and we’ll make the arrangements.

You’ve now got to get your car ready and you do this by removing all personal items from your car. Ensure it’s empty except for the spare tire, floor mats, and jack. Also, check that your gas tank is no more than 1/4 full and there are no leaking fluids.

The carrier will contact you a few hours before the scheduled pick-up to let you know they’re on the way. 

When the carrier arrives, you and the driver will carefully inspect your car. Any dents, dings, scratches, or chips are recorded on the Bill of Lading. 

Once this is done, the driver can be on their way. 

Step 3 - Your car is delivered 

You’ll be given an expected delivery date, but the carrier will contact you when they’re a few hours away from the final destination to make sure you’re available to accept delivery of your car. 

When your car is delivered, inspect it before signing off on the Bill of Lading.  Check for any damages that may have occurred during transportation and make sure the Bill of Lading mentions them before putting your signature to the documentation. 

Now you know a little bit more about shipping your car from Michigan to Texas or vice versa, we hope you’re feeling confident about making a booking with SGT Auto Transport. 

If you haven’t booked your auto transport yet, get in touch with us here. Use our Live Chat or speak directly with our shipping advisors at (864) 546-5038.

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