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7 Things to Consider When Shipping a Luxury Car in Florida


It’s only natural to want the best for your luxury car. After all, it was a sizeable investment and only the best will do. 

When it comes to shipping your car to and from Florida, a very affordable, convenient, and safe option is to use a luxury or sports car transport company. 

It’s the perfect choice if you’re one of the thousands of snowbirds who flock to the Sunshine State to escape the cold weather up north. Luxury car shipping is also a smart choice if you’re buying a luxury car online.

If you’ve never shipped a car before here are some things you need to consider.

1. How does luxury car shipping work?

You might be tempted to drive your luxury car to and from Florida. However, if the journey is going to be hundreds of miles long, luxury car transport may be the better option. 

The process is a very simple one and takes just three steps:

  • Step 1: You request your quote and make your booking
  • Step 2: Your luxury car is picked up
  • Step 3: Your luxury car is delivered 

2. Should you choose open or enclosed luxury car transportation?

Get in touch with a company that offers luxury car transportation and you’ll be given two options: open car transport and enclosed auto transport. 

What’s the difference?

Open car transport is one of the most common ways to ship a car. Cars are loaded onto an open trailer that typically has two levels. This is a very safe and secure way to transport cars, but the vehicles are not protected from the weather, road debris, and traffic grime. 

Enclosed auto transport, on the other hand, is slightly different because cars are transported inside a trailer that’s enclosed on all sides. What this means for the cars inside is that they’re completely protected. Fewer cars are transported in an enclosed trailer, which means the cost is around 30% to 40% higher. Is it worth the extra cost? Find out more in this post.  

3. How much does luxury car transport cost?

The table below gives you a rough idea of how much it might cost to ship your luxury car. However, the actual price you’ll pay is dependent on several factors. These include:

  • The weight and size of your vehicle
  • How far you want to ship your car
  • Delivery time frame - standard timeframe vs. express deliver
  • Time of the year - high vs. low season
  • Condition of your vehicle - operable vs. inoperable
  • The price of fuel
Distance traveledAverage price per mileSample distanceSample price
0-500 miles$1.75400 miles$700
500-1000 miles$1.40700 miles$980
1000-1500 miles$1.001250 miles$1250
1500-2000 miles$0.911800 miles$1638
2000-2500 miles$0.882250 miles$1980
2500-3000 miles$0.742800 miles$2072
3000+ miles$0.673100 miles$2077


The prices above are a reflection of current market conditions as of January 2022. They can change due to the many factors mentioned previously.

A quick tip: Don’t choose an auto transport company based solely on the price. Low prices often mean there are longer waiting times or you might find your luxury car is not shipped at all.    

If you want to know how much it will cost to ship your luxury car, the best thing is to get in touch and request your personal quote or use our instant quote calculator. 

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4. How long does luxury car shipping take?

How long you wait for your luxury car to be delivered depends on several things. For example, if you want to ship a car more than 3000 miles, it’s going to take longer than shipping it 1000 miles. 

Other factors that can affect the timeframe include:

  • How quickly you want your luxury car shipped
  • Location of the pick-up and delivery
  • Time of year
  • Weather conditions
  • Drivers' hours mandated by the Department of Transportation

5. Getting your luxury car ready for shipping

If you want to book luxury car transportation services for your Mercedes Benz S-Class, Volvo S90, Tesla Model S, or BMW 5 Series there are some things you should do to make sure your car is prepared for the journey

Before the carrier arrives to pick up your car, find the time to do the following:

  • Make sure the interior and exterior are nice and clean as this makes it easier for you to check for dents, dings, scratches, and chips. 
  • After you’ve cleaned your car, photograph any existing damage or blemishes. This will give you something to compare when your car is delivered.
  • Check that the battery has a full charge, the tires are correctly inflated, and the fluids are topped up. 
  • Deactivate the alarm and remove any toll tags or parking passes.
  • Make sure the carrier has the correct contact information and you have the relevant information for the carrier or auto transport driver.
  • Check that your luxury car is fully covered under the carrier's cargo insurance.
  • Run your car’s gas tank down to no more than a quarter full. 
  • Remove any removable parts such as custom spoilers, bike, or luggage racks, or make sure they are secure. 
  • If you’re shipping an electric or hybrid car, make sure the battery is fully charged. It’s vital there’s enough juice in the battery when it comes to loading and unloading your prestigious car. 

6. Are there any risks with luxury car transportation services?

As with almost everything, there are risks when it comes to shipping your luxury car, but in the case of SGT Auto Transport and other reputable auto transport companies, the risk is minimal. 

You can reduce the risk even further by choosing to ship your car using an enclosed trailer. Your car is kept safe inside the trailer where it’s not exposed to any traffic grime, road dirt and debris, and inclement weather conditions.

Your luxury vehicle is also locked away securely so that no one will know your vehicle is in the trailer. 

Reputable companies take every precaution necessary to ensure your luxury motor arrives at its destination damage-free. 

7. Is it cheaper to ship a car or drive it?

While driving your luxury car to or from Florida may be very tempting, it’s not always the cheapest option. There are also other advantages and disadvantages to consider. 

The pros and cons of driving your luxury car to and from Florida are as follows:


  • It could turn into an exciting and fun-filled road trip, as long as you’ve got the time
  • You’ll be able to take plenty of pit stops along the way and enjoy many of the local tourist attractions
  • Your passengers will get to soak up lots of the American scenery along the way


  • The total cost often works out to be more than using an auto transport company because of all the additional costs involved
  • The extra miles you’ll be driving in your car increases wear and tear and decreases your car’s value
  • Driving long distances and for long periods can be dangerous, stressful, and tiring
  • How quickly you can get to your final destination is dependant on weather and traffic conditions
  • If you’re the only driver, your journey could take several days

Compare the above with the following benefits of using an auto transport company and you’ll quickly appreciate which is the better option. 

The benefits of luxury car shipping include:

  • There is less planning and worry
  • It saves time and money
  • It’s much safer for your family and yourself
  • You have the option to ship multiple cars
  • You’re assured a professional and reliable service
  • Attractive discounts and fair rates are guaranteed

If you’d like to know more about our car shipping services, take a moment and call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat.    


How are luxury cars transported?

The most common way that luxury cars are transported is via enclosed transportation services. This option promises to keep your luxury car safe and secure and in pristine condition. 

What is the most reputable car shipping company?

A reputable car shipping company is one that delivers on its promises and provides a safe and secure way to ship your car from point A to point B. Other important features include:

  • Fair and competitive prices
  • Years of experience
  • Binding quotes
  • Good customer reviews
  • Full insurance coverage 

How do Mercedes ship their cars?

Mercedes Benz manufactures a wide range of luxury cars. The best way to ship this kind of vehicle is using enclosed auto transport. 

How do I choose an auto transport company?

When you’re looking for an auto transport company, consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Check the company is bonded and insured as this will mean your car is covered should there be an accident
  • Only use reliable payment methods such as credit card or check
  • Check customer reviews online and ask previous customers
  • Compare shipping costs from multiple auto transport companies
  • Look for a company that’s registered and ask for their DOT number
  • Avoid the cheapest option because not all deals are as good as they first seem
  • Ask about cancelation policies just in case you need to cancel because of an unforeseen emergency

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