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How Much to Ship A Car from California to Texas?


If you ever find yourself relocating from California to Texas, driving your car might seem like an exciting thing to do but it’s not necessarily the best option. There are many reasons why you might be moving, for example, because of a new job or to be nearer to family. On the other hand, you might need to get your car to a repair shop or be buying your dream car online and need to get it back home.

Whatever the reason for wanting to transport a car from California to Texas there are many options. One of those options, and the best way to ship a car from California, is with an auto transport company like SGT Auto Transport. 

You’re probably thinking it’s going to be expensive, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Auto transport is more affordable than many people think. 

Before making plans on how to ship your car, take a few minutes to read this post. We’re going to look at some of the things that can affect the price of an auto transport service and then give you an idea of how much it might typically cost. 

Factors that affect the cost of shipping a car from California to Texas

The type of vehicle

Vehicles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and this can make a big difference when it comes to the cost to transport a car from California to Texas. 

If you want to ship a sedan or compact car between California and Texas, it’ll cost less than a pickup truck, van, or SUV. 

The price of shipping a car from California to Texas is also going to be affected by any modifications you might have made, such as oversized tires or whether your car has been lifted or lowered.  

How your car will be delivered

You have two options when it comes to the delivery of your car. The most common is door-to-door, but there’s also terminal-to-terminal car shipping. 

With terminal-to-terminal car shipping, the responsibility is on you to drop your car at the company’s terminal or storage location. A carrier then picks it up from there and transports it to the service location or terminal nearest to your preferred final destination. You’ve then got to go to this location and pick up your car. From there, you drive it home. 

The other option is door-to-door auto transport, and it’s what we offer here at SGT Auto Transport. The carrier that is booked to transport your car collects it from your home or another convenient location and transports it to your preferred final destination. 

This type of car shipping service costs a little bit more than terminal-to-terminal auto transport but is far more convenient. It also saves you from the stress involved in dropping off and picking up your car. In addition, it saves time.  

Type of car transport

When you contact an auto transport company, it’s usual for there to be two options with regards to the type of car transport. You get to choose between enclosed and open car transport. 

Open car transport

Open car transport is one of the most popular options because it tends to be cheaper. It’s also likely that the options for shipping your car will be more flexible, due to the sheer number of carriers that offer this service. 

Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements and road debris. Nevertheless, this risk of damage is minimal. There is always the option of top loading your vehicle. It will cost a little more but the chance of most types of damage is reduced. 

Enclosed car transport

If you want to ship a high-end, high-class, custom, antique, or exotic car from California to Texas, enclosed car transport is the best shipping option. Your vehicle will be protected from the weather and road debris. You’ll have to pay between 30% and 40% more for this service, but surely it’s worth the added expense for a vehicle that’s so precious. 

Distance traveled

This is one of the more obvious factors, but it’s still worth a mention. The further the distance between pick-up and delivery locations, the higher the price. 

Time of year

The auto transport industry experiences high and low times of the year, much like many other industries. The peak time of the year tends to be during the summer months. Holiday times, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July also tend to be very busy. A good time of the year to ship your car is during the fall. 

Delivery time

In general, auto transport companies require 1-5 business days to pick up your car, and 7-10 calendar days to ship it across the country. However, if you’re pushed for time and want a service that’s a little quicker you do have the option of booking an express service. Your vehicle is picked up in 1-2 business days, which significantly changes the time frame.

Guaranteed pick-up is another speedy option. In this case, you can arrange a car pick-up within a 24-hour window.

Both these options will cost more than the standard auto shipping service.   

Whether the vehicle is operable or not

If the carrier can drive your car directly onto and off the truck without the need for any special equipment, it will cost less. Vehicles that aren’t operable require specialist equipment when it comes to loading and unloading them. This means there will be an additional cost. 

Cost of fuel

This is a factor you can do nothing about. The price of fuel is something that is always going up and down. It can also vary from one location to another. It also happens to be one of the biggest variable costs in the car shipping industry. Any fuel price changes tend to be passed on to the customer. 


When you choose a reliable and trustworthy shipping company to transport your car from California to Texas your vehicle will be covered under the carrier’s cargo insurance. Before you finalize the details of your booking, remember to confirm that the cost of insurance is included in the price and ask for a copy of the insurance. That way you’ll be able to check what’s covered. 

Just remember that personal possessions tend not to be covered by the carrier’s insurance, so it’s always best to remove these from your car. 

How much it might cost to ship your car from California to Texas or further afield

Distance Type of transportAverage price per mileSample distanceSample price
0-500 milesopen$0.80250 miles$399
500-1000 milesopen$0.73700 miles$695
1000-1500 milesopen$0.701000 miles$795
1500-2000 milesopen$0.481750 miles$1099
2000-2500 milesopen$0.452400 miles$1395
2500-3000 milesopen$0.472700 miles$1695
3000+ milesopen$0.473200 miles$1799


These are average prices and reflect market conditions as of April 2022. These rates are subject to change due to the cost of gas, pick-up and delivery locations, seasonal fluctuations, and more. 

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