Covered vs. enclosed car shipping

Covered vs. enclosed car shipping - Is there any difference?


If you’ve heard people talking about covered car shipping and wondered whether there’s any benefit to choosing such a service, this article is going to be your definitive guide. In essence, it’s just the same as enclosed car shipping, it’s just that some people choose to give it a different name. Whether you want to call it enclosed car transport or covered car transport, the end result is the same. Here are the things we’re going to cover in our autoblog.

  • What is covered car transport?
  • The cost of covered car transport
  • The benefits of covered car transportation
  • When enclosed or covered car transport is the better option

What is covered car transport?

Enclosed or covered car transport is when your vehicle is transported in a trailer that’s fully enclosed. It has a roof and four sides, thereby providing the safest and most secure way to transport your vehicle. 

A covered car transport trailer is typically the same size as an open car transport trailer, but fewer vehicles can be transported because of the enclosing walls. An enclosed car transport trailer can only carry 7 or 8 vehicles, whereas an open car transport trailer can transport as many as 12 standard cars.  

Covered car transport cost

One aspect of enclosed auto transport that might make you think twice about choosing this type of service is the cost. Covered car transport cost is slightly higher than open auto transport. 

There are several reasons why it’s more expensive. Fewer companies offer this type of service, which means demand is higher. The fact that fewer cars can fit onto the trailer also impacts on the overall cost. Enclosed car trailers are also less fuel efficient because of their increased weight.

Factors that affect the covered car transport cost

The actual price for an auto transport service such as covered car transport depends on various different factors. One of the most significant factors, second to distance, is the location you’re moving from and to. If you want to ship your car to a major city, it will be less expensive than a rural location because it will be on a popular auto transport route.  

The time of year is another important factor. As with most industries, auto transport has both high and low seasons. Transporting vehicles during the winter is often more expensive than the summer. 

Other factors that can affect the cost include:

  • Vehicle modifications
  • Size and weight of the vehicle

If you want to know exactly how much it’ll cost to transport your precious vehicle using covered car transport, use our instant online quote calculator. You can also call or use Live Chat to speak with our dedicated shipping advisors.

The benefits of enclosed trailer car shipping

Whether you want to ship an exotic, custom, classic, antique, luxury, or high-end motor covered car transportation is the obvious choice because of its many special benefits. The benefits include:

Guaranteed protection

When your pride and joy is transported using enclosed carrier auto transport, protection from the rain, hailstones, snow, and traffic debris is guaranteed. Throughout its journey, your vehicle will be completely protected from the elements. When your ride arrives at its final destination, it’ll be as shiny and clean as when it started its journey.  

Complete safety

Because your car is completely enclosed, it’s shielded from anyone who might be interested in it. If you chose open car transport for your exotic vehicle there are going to be many people attracted to it. And while some attention might not be a problem, there are certain elements you’d rather discourage. 

Stress-free experience

When you choose covered car transport, you don’t have to worry about anything. It won’t matter whether it rains the whole time or your car is sat in dirty traffic. Once the car is picked up, you just need to make sure you’re available at its final destination. This is one of the greatest benefits of door-to-door car transport with an enclosed trailer.

Multiple shipping available

If you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of several classic motors, it’s not a problem if you need them shipped. Enclosed carrier auto transport can be arranged for one, two, three, or more luxury vehicles. 

Caters for low clearance cars

If you’re the owner of a modified or low ground clearance car open car transport is not suitable because of the way the trailers are constructed. Enclosed car transport companies, on the other hand, use trailers with extended racing ramps and hydraulic lift gates. These are by far the best way for a low ground clearance car to be loaded and unloaded. 

Experienced auto carriers

Shipping classic, luxury, collectible, and exotic cars requires specialist knowledge. The carriers we use for our enclosed carrier auto transport service are all well trained and experienced. The service they provide for our customers is of the highest quality. We can give you peace of mind because we know they’ll treat your car as if it was their own. 

Increased auto insurance coverage

It’s usual for cars being shipped by way of enclosed trailer car shipping to be of higher value than the standard vehicle. If yours is worth more than $50,000, we’d always recommend covered car transport because the insurance coverage is much higher.  

When enclosed carrier auto transport is the better option

If you’re struggling to know whether enclosed car transport is the better option for you let’s give you some examples of when it’s the right choice to make. 

  • Security: If you own an antique or collectors car, for example, and you want the best possible security for your vehicle. 
  • Protection: If your car has an expensive or custom paint job and you don’t want it to be exposed to the elements, debris, or road dust. 
  • Low-clearance: Choose covered car transportation when your car has unusually low clearance. It will be loaded and unloaded using hydraulic tail lifts or racing ramps and is generally loaded in a horizontal position.   
  • Winter shipping: While winter might not be the ideal time to ship a car auto transport services are still available. And winter shipping might be your only option. If this is the case, an enclosed auto transport trailer provides the maximum protection against harsh weather conditions and salt and sand on the road. 
  • Expensive vehicle: If your vehicle is worth a lot of money, because it’s a classic, luxury, collectible, sports, prestige, or a custom car the risk of damage is reduced if you choose enclosed trailer car shipping. That’s not to say open car transport is in any way unsafe or unsecure. On the contrary. It is a very safe and secure option, but more affordable for many people than covered car transportation. 

If you want to transport a luxury or unusual vehicle any time in the future, first check out our prices using the online instant quote calculator. You can also find out the cost of covered car transport by phone or Live Chat

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