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Transport isn’t all that complicated, but it certainly does require awareness of several different factors, especially when it comes to moving a classic or exotic car. A top priority for you and for us is that the shipping company directly responsible for your baby is skilled at handling high-end vehicles. That is why we thoroughly screen the drivers we work with and make sure they have undergone a rigorous training. Starting a vehicle properly, knowing how to operate it correctly and most importantly, driving it safely on and off the trailer is not something with which we trust just about anyone. Nor should you.

When choosing a carrier from all available transport companies, we recommend paying attention to their track record, and ensuring that it’s nothing short of excellent. This is even more valid when you want to ship a car, which is inoperable. These transport services are a lot trickier and not many car carriers are willing to perform them. This doesn’t mean we can’t arrange it for you—we do love a challenge here at SGT! We also take pride in executing complicated shipments perfectly while providing outstanding customer service. Therefore, if our customers want to ship their vehicles while they do not run and there is damage that would require special care, they need to make sure to communicate that to our representatives early on in the process. The more we know, the better everything will turn out for everyone involved. Most importantly, we can give detailed instructions to the driver and ensure that he or she knows exactly how to handle your baby.

The other important thing to take into account is that in this type of auto shipping the ground clearance is almost certainly very low. It’s lower than the standard and this is probably the most crucial factor in your shipment. What it almost automatically means is that you need to use an enclosed trailer. They are the safest option out there because of the ramps and lift gates they are equipped with, which allows the driver to be super careful with the lower part and avoid scratching it or causing damage that is more serious. The vehicle will be protected from weather and dust and probably receive special care due to the smaller number of units enclosed carriers can fit. It does cost more than using an open trailer, but we strongly advise against trying to cut costs when moving a classic or a luxury car. It’s impractical, a guarantee for damage and the repair expenses will exceed the amount you believe you will be saving with an open truck.

Enclosed shipping costs could be considerable, yes, but your peace of mind has no price tag. We are speaking from experience. Even though we have an in-house claims department and we only work with fully ensured and bonded carriers, it’s better if you don’t go through the exhausting and often lengthy process of resolving a claim. If it comes to that, a carefully marked BOL (Bill of Lading—the inspection document signed both at pickup and at delivery) is the key to a successful claim. Inspect the vehicle along with the driver or have your point of contact do that. To summarise, do not try to save money from your classic car transport or exotic car transport by using an open trailer. Also, if you need to speed up the transit, you can take advantage of the expedited service we offer that comes at an additional cost. Keep in mind you will be getting a door-to-door shipment as long as the driver can manoeuvre safely in the pickup and drop-off areas. If you want your vehicle to be top-loaded on the truck, make sure to let our representatives know so you can get a complete and accurate shipping quote. We make sure to tailor our shipping service to your specific needs and we are constantly looking for ways to live up to our customers’ high expectations. If you still have questions, call us, shoot us an email or hit our live chat. We are happy to help!

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