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Enclosed Transport – The Only Way to Ship A Special Kind of Vehicle

One of the most common ways to transport a car is using an open car trailer, which is fine for your average vehicle. There are, however, times when a little extra attention is needed and a higher level of protection required. If you’re the proud owner of a luxury or exotic car, a sports or a race car, a classic or rare collectible, we’ve got the perfect service for you. Choose an enclosed transport service with us here at SGT Auto Transport. Your pride and joy will be moved with the utmost care and attention.

What is Enclosed Car Transport?

Choose to move your Ford GT, Maserati, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini or any other type of high end car using this special service and it’ll be protected on all sides. Car carriers that offer enclosed shipping use either a hard-sided or soft-sided trailer. Here at SGT Auto Transport, both options are available, depending on the carrier you choose. A hard-sided trailer provides the highest level of protection, because your automobile is fully covered. For classic car transport and the transporting of luxury motors, this option is often preferred. A soft-sided trailer offers a high level of protection. It’s also a better choice if the car is oversized. This is because only three of the walls are solid, thereby allowing for more space if needed. Another feature that makes enclosed shipping the perfect choice for exotic and classic car transport is the use of a tailgate. The lift gates and drop deck ensure cars with the lowest ground clearance can be loaded and unloaded smoothly. Once loaded, the carrier makes sure everything is secured by using straps around the tires. This is to ensure the exterior suffers no damage. Even more state-of-the-art technology is used for the luxury and classic car transport service. Climate control hauling, advanced articulating ramps and E-track flooring mean your car is protected throughout all stages of its journey.

The Highest Level of Protection and Service

An open car trailer can often been seen on the highway carrying as many as ten cars. An enclosed car trailer, on the other hand, rarely carries more than six and on a number of occasions it’s even fewer. The carriers we use for our superior service provide the highest level of protection and security for your car. The drivers receive all the appropriate training and are experienced in handling vehicles that need a little extra care and attention. They receive the best possible care from the moment the keys are handed over. We work with carriers who have higher insurance coverage, because we know how valuable the cargo is and want to make sure you’re fully covered. We have a compliance department that verifies the carriers insurance.

Enclosed Shipping is Worth Every Cent

It’s not the cheapest option if you need to move a vehicle over a long distance. There are a number of reasons why it’s more costly. You can expect to pay 40%-50% extra because: • There are fewer carriers offering such high protection • Additional training is required for the drivers • This type of trailer is more expensive for the carrier to purchase • Fuel efficiency of these trailers is much lower • Top quality service means you have to pay more It might sound like a lot to pay on top of an average auto transport service, but the extra expense if worth it. The benefits you can expect to enjoy include:

Extra protection for your car

One of the downsides of open car transport is that the vehicles are exposed to weather and traffic grime. If you’d rather yours was protected from the elements, enclosed shipping is the only way to go. Your car will arrive as clean and shiny as when it was picked up.

The services of an experienced hauler

To be able to provide such a top quality service, we only choose carriers who have the necessary knowledge and experience. Providing a classic car transport service or for transporting luxury, custom or collectible cars a certain skill set is required. We only select the best carriers to provide our premium transport service.

Higher Insurance

The vehicles being shipped using enclosed trailers tend to be of higher value than the average car. This means the carriers insurance coverage has to be much higher. If yours is worth more than $50,000, an enclosed trailer is the recommended service.

Guaranteed pick-up service available

If you need to attend a show or competition day with your custom car and you don’t want to drive all the way there, let us haul it for you. We’re able to offer a guaranteed pick-up service for when you need to arrive on time. If you want to arrange a custom transport service call (866) 774 6570 and speak with our advisors.

Door to door service

The most convenient way to ship a car is using our door-to-door service. It is the most efficient and secure way to move your precious four-wheeled vehicle. The carrier gets as close as possible to your home and your chosen delivery point. When the condition of your vehicle is a primary concern, put your trust and your wheels in the hands of one of our enclosed providers. We’ll make sure it’s fully protected from the sun, rain, wind, snow and hail. Rest assured, it will be delivered in pristine condition. Its body work and paint will be spotless and you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service. It may be more expensive than open shipping but the extra expense is definitely worth it. There’s no better protection for your vehicle than an enclosed trailer. Our shipping advisors are waiting to hear from you. Dial (866) 774 6570 and speak to them today. We also have an instant chat option. We’ve been operating since 2014, are licensed by the FMSCA and have more than 200,000 carriers available. Trust us with your expensive vehicle and we won’t let you down.

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