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The trucking industry, like any other business, provides different solutions forthe various needs customers have. While open auto transport is certainly the most common way to ship a vehicle, there are cases when sealed carriers, also known as enclosed car shipping, are the right decision. They are a must when dealing with luxury and exotic cars, classic cars, sports and race cars, as well as rare collectibles. These types of vehicles have to be handled with the utmost care and be maximally protected from environmental hazards such as rain, sun and dust. If your vehicle’s immaculate condition is your primary concern and its body and paint need to remain as flawless as when you got it, then you definitely need to use this type of car carriers. You want your antique car moved with a door-to-door service and delivered in pristine condition, all while you get exceptional customer service? Then we are the right people!

When it comes to pricing, covered pickup and delivery services are a high expense. It is the luxury way to ship a vehicle and this makes it up to 40-50% more costly than other car shipping services. There are fewer of these trucks out there and this significantly affects the cost to ship. However, it is safe to say that the advantages surpass the cost. For one thing, due to the more specific nature of transporting a vehicle fully covered, drivers undergo special training to handle vehicles in a way that will provide the highest level of security and protection. Therefore, we are highly selective with the drivers we work with when trying to ship your car. They need to be aware of the best driving practices and be very skilled at securing vehicles to the trailer in the smartest and safest way.

Additionally, enclosed trailers can carry fewer items, usually not more than six, which means your precious diamond will be getting personal attention and this is not always the case with an open carrier accommodating up to ten vehicles at a time. Apart from appropriate training and the guarantee of a personal touch during transit, we make sure to check the insurance policy of the auto transport companies we work with. The higher value of the cargo requires a higher insurance coverage and our compliance department verifies that your shipper could fully cover the potential repair costs.

There are two types of sealed trailers. Hard-side enclosed carriers are the more common and are fully covered. The soft-side trailers have only three solid wall sand are used when the vehicle is oversized. Something else really cool about enclosed trucks is that they have amazing features. Since most vehicles that go in them have low ground clearance, drivers make use of the trailer’s lift gates and drop deck to load and unload smoothly. They usually secure them with straps that surround the tires and anchor to hauler. Some trucks even make use of impressive state-of-the-art technology, such as E-track flooring, climatic control hauling and advanced articulating ramps.

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