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Can I Track My Cars Progress While It’s Being Shipped?

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It’s only natural to be concerned about your vehicle when it’s in the care of auto carriers. It’s doesn’t matter whether it’s a standard sedan, luxury motor, motorcycle, or any other type of wheeled vehicle, being without it for several days can be very worrying and downright inconvenient.

Knowing when your car is going to arrive at its final destination is also important. You’ll have peace of mind and be able to arrange your schedule. So, is it possible to track your car while it’s being shipped? It depends on the auto movers as to what is available. Each company is going to have its procedures and policies in place with regard to the tracking of customers’ vehicles. It’s generally not possible to contact the driver directly, as there are highway regulations that prohibit drivers from answering their cell phones. But that doesn’t mean you’re kept in the dark. 

What Auto Tracking Systems Are Available?

Car hauling companies are generally very understanding when it comes to their customers’ needs. Typically, there will be a system in place whereby a customer can track the progress of their vehicle. For some companies, this is using an online tracking system. The customer is given a tracking number and they can check the progress of their shipment by visiting the company website. This is often an instant update, but it might also be by way of an email update every 24 hours.

Some car courier companies don’t offer an online tracking system. However, you might still receive regular updates if you call and ask for them. This is the system we operate here at SGT Auto Transport. If you want to know where your car is on its journey you simply call (866) 774 6570 and ask our car shipping advisors for an update.  Email notifications and communicating via instant chat are two more options.

One final option is to receive automatic tracking updates during your vehicle’s journey.

Different Types of Digital Tracking Systems

Digital tracking is relatively new in the world of auto haulers, but an ever-increasing number of companies are jumping on board the digital revolution. We hope to be able to introduce it at some point in the future. When we do jump on board there are two common methods to choose from:

  • GPS satellite tracking system – this is a popular method for carriers that have to operate in remote areas. A central tracking system collects information in real-time.
  • Passive GPS tracking system – this system sends information to a central tracking system at less frequent intervals. Information is captured and stored at certain periods.

With both of these tracking systems, there are a variety of ways information can be accessed or made available for the customer.

  • Online tracking – customers visit the company website to check the latest information about their vehicle. It’s a method that’s been used for quite some time by companies delivering goods. You’re given a tracking number that you simply enter online.
  • Notifications – customers receive regular updates at specified intervals. The notifications are generally automated which makes tracking your vehicle a piece of cake.
  • Mobile tracking – customers are provided with a mobile app they can use to track a shipment.
  • Email notifications – this is a service that we offer, however, you do have to request it.
  • Telephone calls – this another option provided for customers of SGT Auto Transport. Simply give us a call on (866) 774 6570, and we’ll find out where your vehicle is and get back to you with an update.

Being able to track the progress of your vehicle has its obvious advantages. However, many things can affect progress and lead to delays. Bad weather, traffic tailbacks, road detours, and several other things can cause delays. It pays if you can be as flexible as possible because there are things even the best car transport companies can’t avoid.

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