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Most Popular Classic Car Auctions in the USA in 2024


Step into a world where history meets horsepower, where nostalgia reigns supreme, and where automotive dreams find new owners. 

Classic car auctions in the US aren’t just events; they’re spectacles, drawing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to witness the rarest and most iconic vehicles cross the auction block.

In 2024, the excitement reaches new heights as some of the most prestigious auctions unveil a lineup that promises to dazzle classic car collectors and aficionados alike.

Join us as we explore the exhilarating world of classic car auctions, highlighting the most anticipated events that are set to capture the hearts of classic car enthusiasts in the USA this year. 


Known as one of the biggest and most well-known classic car auctions, Barret-Jackson attracts vintage automobile enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

Quite often, it’s one of the only places you’ll get to take a peek at some of the most highly sought-after collectible and historic vehicles anywhere. 

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The auction is also the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of celebrities like Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, and Tim Allen, who love collectible cars as much as you do. Furthermore, you can test drive your favorite vehicles and attend one of the many car symposiums. 

Auctions take place in Scottsdale, Arizona, Florida; Palm Beach, Florida; Mohegan Sun Connecticut, and Las Vegas, Nevada. If you can’t make the auction, it’s possible to live stream them. 

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RM Sotheby’s

If you’re looking for investment-quality automobiles, RM Sotheby’s is one of the largest auction houses to visit. It’s been transforming the global car auction scene since the 70s. From 2014 to 2018, RM Sotheby’s ranked the number one auction house by the total value of cars sold and the number of cars sold for over $1,000,000.

RM Sotheby’s is a global auction house that holds over ten auctions across six US states and four countries each year. It is also the official collector car auction house for manufacturers of prestigious luxury automobiles like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Porsche.

Mecum Auctions

Estimates are that Mecum Auctions auctions around 20,000 vehicles annually, which makes them a significant player in the collector car industry. Company headquarters are in Walworth, Wisconsin, but their famous collector car auction is held annually in Kissimmee, Florida. In addition, they hold various other events throughout the US. 

A standout feature of Mecum Auctions is the diversity of vehicles being auctioned. Their specialty is antique, vintage, and classic cars, but you’ll also find motorcycles, boats, tractors, and more exotic automobiles. 

Upcoming auctions:

  • Houston: APRIL 4-6, 2024
  • Indy: MAY 10-18, 2024
  • Tulsa: JUNE 6-8, 2024
  • Walworth: JUNE 27-29, 2024
  • Florida Summer Special: JULY 10-13, 2024
  • Harrisburgh: JULY 24-27, 2024
  • Monterey: AUGUST 15-17, 2024
  • Dallas: SEPTEMBER 4-7, 2024
  • Indy Fall Special: OCTOBER 2-5, 2024
  • Las Vegas: OCTOBER 17-19, 2024
  • Kansas City: DECEMBER 5-7, 2024

Gooding & Company

Gooding & Company is another leading automotive auction, specializing in classic, racing, and antique vehicles. This car auction house hosts three well-known auctions every year. 

They are held in:

  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Amelia Island, Florida
  • Pebble Beach, California

The last two shows in the list provide the perfect backdrop. What better way to end your day of bidding than by enjoying the sun setting over the sea? 

interior of a classic car

Gooding & Company auctions can also be enjoyed via live webcast. 

One of the most notable sales was a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic that sold for a hefty $31 million in 2010. 


Founded in 1793, Bonhams is one of the oldest and most respected auction houses globally. It boasts a rich history, celebrity connections, global reach, and a commitment to embracing the digital age. 

A standout moment in Bonham’s history was the auction of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, which fetched a staggering $38.12 million. They also auctioned off Elvis Presley’s Rolls Royce Phantom V, a piece of rock and roll history. 

Carlisle Auctions

The parent company of Carlisle Auctions is Carlisle Events. It was founded in 1974 by a couple of friends. Over the years, it’s evolved into a major player and aficionado of market trends in classic cars. 

The Spring Carlisle Auction, held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is their flagship event, and it has become a favorite among car enthusiasts. The registration fee for in-person bidding is $100, while online or phone bidding costs $50. The fee includes a bidder lanyard and an auction guest pass. 

Upcoming auctions:

  • Spring Carlisle Collector Car Auction: April 18-19, 2024
  • Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction: October 3-4, 2024
  • Lakeland Fall Collector Car Auction: November, 2024 

Worldwide Auctioneers

The headquarters of this auction house is in Auburn, Indiana, but as the name suggests, it operates on a global scale, specializing in classic cars, motorcycles, and automobilia. 

Worldwide Auctioneers doesn’t auction off as many vehicles as other auto auctions, but they are renowned for putting a strong emphasis on quality. 

Attend a Worldwide Auctioneers event and you’ll get the chance to drive vehicles you likely won’t find anywhere else, enjoy a laid-back, fun atmosphere, and make friends with other attendees. 

GAA Classic Cars Auction

GAA Classic Cars is proud to play its part in preserving and celebrating automotive history. The auctions they host are much more than just events. Classic cars take center stage and attendees are taken on a journey through time. 

The auctions are held every year, generally in February, July, and November. A standout feature of the auctions is the state-of-the-art auction arena. The venue is enclosed and climate-controlled, providing comfort and convenience for buyers and sellers. The facility spans over 6 acres under one roof, with space for more than 700 vehicles. 

Classic Car Auctions

The Classic Car Auction group operates in the northern Rockies. Its headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Montana. 

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Featured in every auction will be a diverse range of classic cars, from vintage classics to rare and exotic automobiles. If you’re selling a car, the exposure you get is unmatched. It’s not limited to a local or regional market. Rather, your vehicle is showcased to collectors nationally, and internationally. 


The final classic car auction in our list is another with a long history. Hemmings started as Hemmings Motor News in 1954, a collector car publication. Over the years, it’s managed to transform itself into one of the world’s largest collector car marketplaces. has become the go-to destination for car enthusiasts, since 1998. On the website, you’ll find over 20,000 searchable car-for-sale ads, car club listings, and more. The focus of Hemmings’ classified ads is collector cars.

Hemmings auctions are curated events typically last two weeks and they have an impressive 75% sell-through rate at the time of publishing. 

A buyer’s fee must be paid, which is an additional 5% of the total bid. Potentially, this could range from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $10,000. 

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