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Car Transporting Tips for Snowbirds

Car Transporting Tips for Snowbirds

Are you a snowbird who will soon be making plans for your winter migration? Do you even know what a snowbird is? Snowbird is a term used to describe a group of people who travel to warmer climates for the winter. Journeys start in October when travelers leave their homes in the North to look for somewhere warmer in the South. The majority of snowbirds are between the ages of 50 and 70 years old. Snowbirds choose a number of different destinations in which to spend the winter months, including Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and California. Some travel as far as Las Vegas or Hawaii. Why do they choose to make such a journey? Most do it because they want to get away from the cold winters experienced in the North. Freezing temperatures can be very dangerous when walking or driving, and for your health. There might also be the problem of having to shovel snow. It’s also nice to simply soak up some sun. If you’re planning to spend several months in a warmer location, you’re going to want to take some of your possessions with you, and that might include your car. In which case you need the help of a snowbird auto transport management company like SGT Auto Transport. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you make your journey South in the fall and back again in Spring. Speak with one of your shipping advisors by calling (866) 774-6570.

Alternatively, you can get an instant free quote using our online calculator or by using our instant chat option. Book Your Snowbird Shipping Well in Advance Snowbird car shipping season is a very busy time of the year for an auto transport management company like SGT Auto Transport. Don’t leave your vehicle shipping arrangements until the last minute or you might be disappointed. As soon as you’ve arranged your accommodation to go online and request a quote. All you need to do is provide pick up and delivery locations and vehicle details. A quote will be available instantly and it’s valid for 7 days.

How Much Will It Cost?
The cost of shipping your car south will vary, depending on the distance, route, fuel prices and the type of shipping service. Prices are much higher during the snowbird peak season, increasing throughout the December holidays and reaching a peak in early January. Other factors that will affect the price include:
  • Type of vehicle, size, and weight
  • Condition of vehicle – whether it’s running or not
  • Location of pick-up and delivery – whether it’s a metro or rural area
  • Modifications - whether the vehicle is lowered, lifted, has larger tires,racks on top, etc.
Rates from SGT Auto Transport are all-inclusive and military discounts are available for active duty and reserve members. Be Present at Pick-up and Delivery. It is better if you can be present at pick-up and delivery so that you can sign the bill of lading and check the condition of your vehicle before and after shipping. It is, however, possible to appoint a representative, provided they are at least 18
years of age. Why You Should Ship Your Car It’s bound to be very tempting to drive your car when you travel south for the
winter and you might think it’s the simplest option. Using an auto transport management company such as SGT Auto Transport, however, is an option you should consider. There are several reasons why:

Driving is expensive:
– not only will you have to pay for gas and food, you might also need to stay in a hotel for one night or two to break up the trip. There’s also the extra wear and tear on your vehicle to take into consideration.

– nobody has ever said they actually enjoy sitting in traffic, but it’s something you’ll have to endure if you decide to drive. Traffic makes a journey stressful and frustrating which is not the best start to your trip. Fly to your destination and arrive refreshed and relaxed, while we take care of shipping your vehicle.

Driving can be dangerous:
– you’ve decided to head south because of the hazards of the winter but driving hundreds of miles can also be very dangerous. You might even run into some of the winter weather you’re escaping from and there’s the chance of getting into an accident when
making such a long car trip. Shipping your car is easy. With SGT Auto Transport you get an efficient door-to-
door service and we offer a variety of options for transporting your vehicle. As you start thinking about making your next trip, include our auto transport services in your plans. Get an instant free quote using our online calculator, call (866) 774 6570 and speak with a shipping advisor or use our instant chat option

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