Covered car transport: The best option for shipping luxury, classic and sports car

Covered car transport

If you’re the proud owner of a classic, custom, sports, antique, luxury, or exotic vehicle you’re bound to want the best when it comes to auto transport. In this article we'll explain why covered car transport is the best option and currently the auto transport service of choice for people who own such special vehicles. If you’re not sure what covered car transportation is we’ll give you an explanation, and we’ll also look at the different advantages.

What is "covered car transport"?

Choose to have your car shipped using a covered car trailer and for the duration of the journey your vehicle is fully enclosed. Covered car shipping companies that offer this special auto transport service use trailers that have a roof and four sides. As you can imagine, this is the safest and most secure environment for your vehicle during transportation. 

A covered car trailer is typically the same size as an open car transport trailer, but the enclosing walls mean fewer vehicles can be transported. Generally, the number is 7 or 8, compared with as many as 12 standard cars that can be transported using an open trailer. There are carriers that use one or two-car trailers, but these are more commonly used when expensive, rare, or antique vehicles are transported. 

Covered vehicle transport trailers can be either soft or hard-sided. The sides of a hard-sided trailer are made using aluminium, tin, or fiberglass, and provide the best possible protection for the vehicle. Soft-sided trailers, on the other hand, have sides made from canvas. The level of protection is slightly lower, but trailers of this kind are used because they weigh less, take up less space, and offer better fuel economy. 

The difference between covered car shipping and enclosed auto transport

We’ve already used both terms in this article and this is because there is no difference. It’s just that some people prefer to use one rather than the other. Both methods are essentially the same. In other words, your vehicle is transported in a trailer that’s enclosed on all sides, or completely covered.

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The benefits of covered vehicle transport

There are several reasons why owners prefer to use enclosed car transport rather than open car transport. 

Guaranteed protection

Transport your precious vehicle using covered car transportation services and it’s completely protected from traffic debris, rain, hailstones, and snow, guaranteed. When your car is delivered, it’ll be just as clean and shiny as when it was loaded onto the trailer. 

Safety and security

Because your car is transported in an enclosed car trailer it’s completely shielded from anyone who might be interested in such an unusual car.   

Special loading and unloading

If your car has been modified or has low ground clearance, enclosed car transport is recommended because the trailers have extended racing ramps or hydraulic lift gates.   

Increased insurance coverage 

Cars that are shipped using a covered car trailer tend to be of a higher value than your standard car. Carriers offering covered vehicle transportation therefore make sure their insurance coverage is much higher. 

Multiple vehicle shipping

If you’re the proud owner of several classic or custom cars, you can have as many of them shipped using covered car transport as you want. If, for example, you want to take your classic car collection to a show, enclosed car transport makes it possible.  

Experienced auto carriers

Specialist knowledge is required for the shipping of collectible, exotic, luxury, and classic cars. We use carriers that have the experience and are well trained. We know the service they provide is of the highest quality.

Door-to-door car transport

Choose to have your car transported using a covered car trailer and you can have it picked up and delivered to a location of your choice. As long as it’s safe and legal to do so, this could be right outside your house. 


The cost of enclosed auto transport

Covered car transportation costs a little more than open car transport (usually 30% to 40% extra). One of the reasons is that there’s a higher demand because fewer carriers offer this type of service. Fewer cars can be transported, which also impacts on the overall cost. Reduced fuel efficiency is another determining factor. 

If you want to know how much it will cost to transport your prized vehicle we’ve an online instant calculator available. You can also speak with our shipping advisors on (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option.

Factors that affect the cost of enclosed car transport

The actual cost of your covered car shipping service is determined by certain factors, the most significant of which is the distance travelled. If your car is being transported from Washington to Florida, for example, it’s going to cost more than covered car transportation from New Mexico to Texas. 

The actual location for the pick-up and delivery also make a difference. Shipping a car from one major city to another is cheaper than rural locations because the cities will be on popular auto transport routes.

Other factors that affect the cost of covered car shipping include:

  • Height of vehicle: Vehicles come in a range of shapes and sizes. SUVs, for example, are much higher than a standard sedan, and therefore more expensive to ship. 
  • Length of vehicle: Vehicle length is another factor that’s often taken into account when working out the cost of shipping a vehicle. Long vehicles are tricky to fit inside a transport trailer and this leads to an increase in the cost. 
  • Make and model: You’ll always be asked for the make and model of your vehicle when requesting a quote. This is because the dimensions and weight affect the cost of your covered car shipping service. 
  • Condition of vehicle: If your vehicle is in a working condition, you’ll get a more affordable quote. An inoperable vehicle requires specialist equipment for loading and unloading, which increases the price. 
  • Time of year: It costs less to ship a vehicle during the summer months than in the winter. Special holidays can also be expensive times to ship a car. Early fall and late spring can be more costly on certain routes because of migrating snowbirds (people who move south for the winter to escape the cold weather). 

When you might need a reliable covered car transport provider

There are many different occasions that call for enclosed auto transport. Let’s give you a few examples.

Winter shipping

The winter weather and road conditions can be very unkind to your car. Not only is there snow and hail to contend with, the roads are also treated with salt and sand which can be very damaging for a vehicle. A covered car trailer provides the maximum protection against harsh weather conditions and salt and sand on the road.

Low ground clearance

If your classic or custom car is modified in any way covered car transport is the sensible option. If your car has low ground clearance, for example, vehicles in a covered car trailer are generally loaded in a horizontal position and hydraulic lifts or racing ramps are used.

Exhibiting at a show

Do you like to exhibit at custom and classic car shows? If you want your car to arrive at the exhibition looking clean and shiny, choose enclosed auto transport. Car collectors can take as many cars to a show as they want because multiple shipping is an option.

Buying a car online

An increasing number of people choose to show for their car online, especially when looking to buy a classic, custom, sports, luxury, exotic, antique, or collectable car. If you want to buy a car like this, you might have to travel hundreds of miles to collect it. A far safer and more secure way to get your latest acquisition home is to book covered car transportation.  

Work needed on a project car

When work is needed on your project car you might need to transport it over a long distance. Not everyone has a custom garage in the town, so it might need to be transported to be worked on. Covered vehicle transport can be used because your latest project can be picked up and dropped off according to your requirements. As long as it’s safe and legal to do so, the carrier will follow your instructions. 

If you want to know anything else about booking covered car transport call (864) 546-5038 and speak with our shipping advisors. You can also ask for an instant customized quote and make your booking. We also have a Live Chat option.

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