8 Reasons to Ship a Car if You’re a Snowbird

8 Reasons to Ship a Car if You’re a Snowbird


Snowbirds seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to the winter. Rather than struggling with slick roads, grey skies, and freezing temperatures, they pack their bags and head south. Some of the snowbirds have a second home, whereas others simply go wherever the mood takes them. 

Heading for warmer southern states for the winter certainly has its appeal. And let’s not forget they do have to head north again, in the spring or summer because the temperatures in the south are heating up. 

Moving such distances on a regular basis does come with some logistical challenges. One of the biggest ones, for almost all snowbirds, is the issue of transportation. 

If you’re planning to spend several months somewhere other than your primary home, it makes sense to have a vehicle at your disposal. It will be much easier to get around, visit all those local beauty spots, and travel to attractions and events.

You’re probably thinking, why can’t I drive my car? We’ll look at the answer to this a little later, but first, let’s answer another vital question.

What is a snowbird?

If you’ve never come across this term before, you might be feeling a little confused. After all, why would a Junco need to worry about transporting a car? Obviously, we’re not talking about a very widespread and variable songbird here. 

What we are referring to, when we use the term snowbird, is the kind of person who travels from their permanent home in the northern states of America during the winter and moves south where the weather is warmer.

Generally, a snowbird is a retiree or senior. They’re moving south temporarily because they want to escape from the cold, freezing temperatures and don’t want to be troubled with the hassles that generally come with snow.

The warmer regions they choose to spend time in include California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Mexico. When temperatures start to rise again or before the holidays, they return to their homes in the north.

Now we’ve cleared up the snowbird meaning, it’s time to look at the main reasons for snowbirds to ship a car. 

8 reasons for snowbirds to ship a car

Every year, thousands of snowbirds choose snowbirds car shipping services to get their car from north to south. Then, a few months later, they choose snowbird car transport and do it in reverse. Of those thousands, a good percentage choose to book snowbirds transportation. The reasons for such a choice can vary, but some common reasons keep popping up. 

Let’s look at some of the more common reasons for snowbirds to ship a car. 

1. Driving can be dangerous

So many snowbirds choose to ship their car because it’s far less dangerous than driving. When temperatures start to drop, and there’s a risk of snow, the roads become very slippery. This poses a significant threat for drivers, especially those who are a little older.

But it’s not just the weather that makes the roads dangerous. Certain routes can become jam-packed with traffic as many other snowbirds are heading to the same warm locations. Waiting for long periods in traffic can be frustrating and tedious, but when vehicles are lined up bumper-to-bumper, the risk of accidents increases.  

2. Snowbirds car shipping is more convenient

One of the main reasons snowbirds move to warmer areas is that it’s more comfortable than experiencing a harsh winter. So, when they arrive at their destination, they want to feel relaxed, and stress-free. 

This wouldn’t be the case if they chose to drive all the way there, which is why many choose to move their car with the help of an auto shipping company. 

3. Snowbird car transport costs less and is quicker

If you decide you want to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles in your car, there are lots of additional costs you’ll need to cover. First, of course, there will be the cost of gas. But don’t forget expenses such as accommodation, meals, and possible car breakdowns.

You’re also likely to spend days, even weeks, on the road, which is time that could be much better spent. For example, wouldn’t you rather be relaxing and soaking up the warmth of the sun? The point of snowbirding is to be warm, so don’t waste time on achieving that goal.

4. Flexibility of travel

Choose to ship your car, and the auto transport carrier will get your vehicle where it needs to go. That leaves you free to travel however you wish. Why not fly to your destination? You could take a train or a bus or rent a larger vehicle that could handle all your luggage. 

The choice is yours because you’re no longer bound to your vehicle. 

5. Less stressful

When you travel to your winter destination by train, bus, or plane, the journey will be much less stressful than driving your car. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, chat with friends and family, read a book, watch a movie, or just watch the world go by. 

After such a stress-free journey, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

6. No unnecessary wear and tear on your car

Driving such a long distance puts unnecessary miles on your odometer and increases the wear and tear on your car. Put your car in the safe and secure hands of a snowbirds auto transport company, and you won’t have to worry about repair bills, new tires, or maintenance as soon as you arrive at your destination. You’re not reducing the value of your car either. 

Choose snowbird car transport, and your car will be well protected on the back of a secure vehicle trailer. The driver will be a professional who spends his working life on the road. You can also get your car from one side of the country to another without any wear and tear.

7. Do your car some good

Vehicles, just like snowbirds, don’t like cold weather, and they also don’t do well just sitting in a garage for prolonged periods. Both can be avoided by shipping your car to the warm weather to join in with the rest of your snowbird plans.

Even if your garage is heated and your car won’t be parked in the street where it will collect snow or (even worse) salt from the streets or parking lot, sitting still for such a long time does the vehicle no good. Car parts need to be exercised and maintained, and without this exercise, they will develop problems.

8. You are paying for it

Snowbirding is not a one-week adventure. Rather, many snowbirds tend to reside in the warmer climates for the entirety of winter. This can be months, and this many months without your car could be a waste of money.

Whether you own your vehicle or have it on lease, you are still making monthly insurance payments at least. Why pay these monthly costs if you aren’t going to use your vehicle? By shipping your car to your snowbird destination, you don’t have to feel guilty about making those monthly payments, as you are still pressing that foot against the gas.

Frequently asked questions about snowbirds car shipping

How far ahead of time should you ship a car?

There’s a lot of competition for auto shipping in early winter and late spring. It pays to make arrangements early, so you’re not disappointed. It also helps if you’ve got a backup plan, just in case you can get the spot you need. Try to make your car shipping arrangements no more than ten days before you are due to depart. 

How do you move a car long distance?

One of the most popular ways to move a car long distance is to hire an auto transport company. You won’t have to worry about driving your car long distances or put miles on your odometer. Instead, you can ship your car by either placing it on an open or enclosed car shipping trailer. 

Is it worth it to ship a car?

Yes, it most certainly is. It’s very convenient, safe, cheaper, and saves time and miles. 

If you happen to be wondering what snowbirds do with their cars, you now know the answer. Most of them choose snowbirds car shipping, and for several excellent reasons.        

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