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how auto transport works and what it costs

How Auto Transport Works and What It Costs

When you need to ship a car, auto transport is the obvious answer. There are several steps and processes involved, and a substantial amount of planning is required. You always have the option of arranging shipping yourself, but a much better option is to put your trust in a long-distance car transport provider like us.[...]

trick or car ship auto transport halloween

Trick or Car Ship? Here at SGT We Like to do Both

Halloween, or the Eve of All Saints Day, might not be a federal or state holiday but it’s one day of the year when people like to do things a little different. Dressing up in spooky costumes, trick-or-treating door-to-door, watching scary movies, and listening to ghost stories are just some of the ways this popular festival is celebrated. Did you realize it’s second only to New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl in the total number of parties.[...]

door to door transport open transport enclosed transport

The Pros and Cons of Door-to-Door Auto Transport

For many years, if you wanted cross country car transport, it meant driving your vehicle to the nearest terminal. You then had to wait for it to be collected by one of the many car hauling companies available. As you might imagine, this made the whole process rather inconvenient and usually very time-consuming. Door-to-door transport was the answer, and now it’s an option offered by an increasing number of national auto transport companies.[...]

military pcs moves members sgt open transport discount

Why Military Members Choose SGT for Their PCS Moves

PCS moves can be stressful situations for military families to find themselves in. Unfortunately, they’re part and parcel of serving this country we call home. To make life easier, here at SGT Auto Transport, we're able to offer a military car shipping service just for you.[...]

luxury car shipping auto transport

Tips for Shipping Your Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car is a considerable investment. Therefore, it's only natural you want to protect that investment when it comes to shipping it across the state or country. Luxury vehicle is a term used to cover a variety of vehicles. A generalization is that it’s a vehicle you paid top dollar for, and for you, it's very precious. Manufacturers include Maserati, Bentley, Maybach, Lamborghini, BMW, and Mercedes.[...]

auto transport broker vs carrier what is the difference

Auto Transport Broker vs. Carrier: What’s the Difference?

The most common way for people to look for auto transportation services is good old Google. Using simple terms such as auto transport services or vehicle moving services, in just a few clicks, you get a long list of companies. Look a little closer, and you'll notice the list includes both brokers and carriers. On the surface, they might look like they're the same thing, but underneath, they're very different.[...]

tips for shipping a vehicle during the holidays

Tips for Shipping a Vehicle During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas looming ever closer, we thought it was the right time to hand out some more car shipping advice. If you anticipate the need to ship your car during either of these holiday periods, there are some things you should keep in mind.[...]

car shipping services near me maps

🥇Car Shipping Services Near Me

If you ever need to transport your car to a different location, finding the best auto transport companies in your area can be challenging. Thanks to the internet, however, you’ve got all the information you need at your fingertips. Using this valuable resource, you can easily find reliable carriers to move your car.[...]

shipping a car military discount

Shipping a Car When You’re in the Military Isn’t as Hard as You Think

When you're serving in the military, you and your family can receive a PCS or CONUS order at any time. While it might be very exciting, you might also feel a certain amount of trepidation. Not only have you got to think about moving all your personal belongings, but there’s also the issue of transporting a vehicle across the country.[...]

car shipping auto transport hawaii tips

Shipping Your Car to Hawaii – Let’s Give You the Lowdown

Knowing what to expect when shipping your car to Hawaii, means it’s far more likely to be smooth sailing all the way. With Hawaii being such a long way from the coast of the United States, you might think it's considered international shipping. Lucky for you, it falls under domestic shipping, which means there are much less paperwork and hassle.[...]