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When is Enclosed Auto Transport a Much Better Option?

When is Enclosed Auto Transport a Much Better Option?

When is Enclosed Auto Transport a Much Better Option?

If you ever find yourself in need of auto shipping services, there are several options available. Knowing what they are means you're better able to make the right choice for you and your vehicle. Whether you're shipping a motorcycle, SUV, luxury sedan, golf cart, mobility vehicle, or another form of transport with wheels, picking the right service means you'll have peace of mind, knowing it's well looked after.

One of the first questions, when getting in touch with any shipping services is “Do you want open or enclosed car transport?”. Which one you choose impacts on any automobile shipping quotes you request.

To help you make the right decision when it comes to car transport, let’s look at what’s involved if you’re thinking of an enclosed trailer for your vehicle.

What is Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport?

Choose an enclosed carrier to ship your car, and it means its journey will be in a trailer that's fully enclosed. The trailer has a roof and four sides, thereby providing the safest and most secure environment for your vehicle during transportation. A covered transport trailer is typically the same size as an open transport trailer. However, the enclosing walls mean fewer vehicles can be transported at the same time.

Open trailers can transport as many as 12 standard cars, whereas enclosed car transport trailers can only carry 7 or 8.

Several companies use one or two-car enclosed trailers. Generally, these are used when transporting very expensive, rare, or antique vehicles.

Enclosed trailers can be either hard or soft-sided. Hard-sided trailers have sides made from fiberglass, aluminum, or tin and provide the best possible protection for the vehicles being transported inside.

Soft-sided trailers have sides made from canvas which is pulled tight. As you might expect, the level of protection is much lower. They’re used because they take up less space, weigh less, and offer better fuel economy.

The Advantages of Using Enclosed Car Shipping

One of the biggest advantages of enclosed shipping is that it provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle. Not only is it protected from the weather, but it's also protected from road debris. Increased vehicle security and protection are also benefits of this type of car delivery service. The drivers of enclosed auto carriers have far more experience in caring for high-end vehicles which can only be good.

These benefits make enclosed auto transport a far better option if your vehicle is of high value. It doesn’t have to be high monetary value either. If your car is precious to you and has a high sentimental value, enclosed automobile transport is the better choice.

There is, however, one small downside to using enclosed car freight services.

The Downside of Using Enclosed Vehicle Companies

One aspect of using enclosed auto moving companies that puts many people off has to be the price. It’s a far more expensive option compared to using open automobile shipping.

Why is it more expensive? Because fewer companies offer this type of service, so demand is much higher. Fewer cars can be moved at the same time, which also impacts on the overall cost. Enclosed carriers are much heavier, so that means they're less fuel-efficient.

So, why would you want to choose enclosed auto transport services?

5 Reasons to Choose Enclosed Car Shipping

There are several occasions when enclosed car shipping is the right choice to make.

  • Security – if you want the best possible security for your vehicle, for example, if it’s an antique or collector’s car.
  • Protection – if your car has an expensive or custom paint job, using an enclosed carrier means complete protection from the elements, road dust and debris.
  • Low-Clearance – if your car has unusually low clearance, an enclosed auto trailer is right for you because vehicles are generally loaded in a horizontal position.
  • Winter shipping – an enclosed auto transport trailer provides the maximum protection if you’ve decided to ship during the winter. It provides the best possible protection against salt and sand on the road and any harsh weather conditions.
  • Expensive vehicle – if you’re the owner of an expensive vehicle, whether it’s classic, prestige, luxury, collectible, sports, or a custom car you can reduce the risk of damage during transport by choosing an enclosed transport service.

If your car is very precious to you and you want to know more about shipping using an enclosed trailer, speak with our shipping advisors on (866) 774 6570 today.