Shipping a car from Florida to California & from California to Florida

Shipping a car from Florida to California & from California to Florida


Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to ship a car from Florida to California or from California to Florida? It might surprise you how easy it is. From the East Coast to the West Coast is a sizable distance, too far to drive there yourself. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about how the process works and how much it costs to ship a car from Florida to California or vice versa.

How to Ship a Car From California to Florida

If you ever need to relocate from the West Coast to the East Coast, get in touch with us here at SGT Auto Transport. We’ll help you ship your car from California to Florida. 

There’s no need to leave your car behind and stress about purchasing a new one. A road trip isn’t necessary either. Choose a safer option and let us transport your car instead.

Use our instant online quote calculator if you want to find out about the cheapest way to ship a car from California to Florida. Alternatively, speak with our shipping advisors on (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat.

Our car shipping process from California to Florida is a walk in the park.

Get Your Free Instant Quote

The first step in the process is to get your free online instant quote with the help of our calculator. If you want to know how much to ship a car from California to Florida, all you do is input a few details.

We need the pick-up and delivery locations. This could be outside your home, at the end of your street, in a parking mall around the corner, a storage facility, or where you work. Our door-to-door car transport service is flexible. Convenience is the name of the game. 

Other details you have to provide include:

  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  • Whether you want open car transport or enclosed auto transport.
  • If the vehicle is running or not.
  • The first available date for the pick-up (a.k.a. First Shipping Date).

As soon as you’ve entered this information your instant quote will be ready. Our shipping advisors are also available 24/7 or you can use our Live Chat

Book Your Order and Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Pick-Up

As soon as you’ve accepted your quote we can book your order. That’s a very simple process, right? All that’s left to do is prep your car ready for shipping. Here’s a list of things you can do to help make the process run smoothly.

  • Clean the inside and outside of your car: This saves you time at the other end and gives you an opportunity to check for dents, dings, and scratches. 
  • Photograph and make a record of any damage: You’ll be able to use this to compare the condition of your vehicle when it’s delivered.
  • A few quick checks: To make sure your car is ready to be driven away upon delivery check the fluids are topped up and the tires are correctly inflated. Standard vehicle owners should also make sure the battery is fully charged. EV owners must ensure the battery is 45% to 65% charged. 
  • Removable parts need to be removed or secured: Remove items such as your GPS, car charger, after-market DVD player and stereo. 
  • Deactivate the alarm, parking passes, and toll tags: Passes and tags aren’t needed when your car is being transported and you don’t want your car alarm to be activated unnecessarily.
  • Run down the gas tank: you only need to have a maximum of one quarter tank of fuel in your car when it’s being transported.

What Documents Do I Need When I Want to Ship a Car From California to Florida?

Transporting a car using door-to-door car transport is a simple process. Be available to release the car on a pre-arranged pick-up date. 

The carrier will need the keys of your car and you must sign the Bill of Lading. This document acts as a receipt for your car and an inspection report. When the carrier picks up your car, they will inspect it and note any existing damage on the BOL. Check this is correct, sign it and keep a copy. 

If you can’t be present, it is possible to appoint a representative to act on your behalf. They do, however, have to be over 18 years of age. 

Is It Possible to Ship Personal Items in Your Car?

You can ship a limited amount of personal items in your car if you book your auto transport service with SGT Auto Transport. There is a weight limit of 100 lbs and you have to secure the items in a box or suitcase and lock them in the trunk of your car. 

How Much to Ship a Car From California to Florida?

We do our utmost to secure the best possible price when you want to ship a car from California to Florida. There are, however, several factors that affect the final cost. These include:

  • Location for the pick-up and delivery.
  • Total distance traveled.
  • Type of transport service.
  • Whether or not the vehicle is running.
  • Demand and supply for your chosen route.
  • The time of the year. 

Different Services for Shipping a Car From California to Florida or From Florida to California

We can offer several services, for example, fast car service or guaranteed pick-up service, but our two most popular auto transport services are open car transport and enclosed auto transport. 

Open Car Transport

This is our budget-friendly option, and the preferred choice for many private car owners and car dealerships. Choose this option and we load your car onto a trailer along with several others. The trailer is open which means your car is exposed to the weather and traffic grime. This might sound off-putting, but it’s one of the safest ways to transport a car.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This is the auto transport service preferred by owners of luxury, classic, custom, exotic, new, antique, and modified cars. We recommend it when you want complete protection for your vehicle. We use trailers that are enclosed on all four sides. 

Enclosed auto transport costs a little extra, around 30% to 40%, but can you really put a price on total peace of mind and premium service?

How to Ship a Car From Florida to California

Shipping a car from the East Coast to the West Coast is just as easy. It starts by using our online instant quote calculator. Use it to find the cheapest way to ship a car from Florida to California. You can also speak to our shipping advisors if you want to know the cost to ship a car from Florida to California. And let’s not forget our Live Chat option. 

How Much to Ship a Car From Florida to California?

Our shipping rates depend on several factors. These include:

  • Pick-up and delivery locations: Remote areas are more expensive than metropolitan locations. 
  • Distance traveled: The further we have to transport your car, the higher the cost.
  • Type of transport service: You can choose between open car transport, enclosed auto transport, guaranteed pick-up service, fast car transport, snowbirds, student, and military car shipping. 
  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle: A standard sedan will be cheaper to transport than a Hummer, for example.
  • Is the vehicle running?: If your car is not running, it costs more to ship because we need specialist equipment. 
  • Supply and demand: More popular routes generally cost less. 
  • Time of the year: There are seasonal variations when it comes to the cost of shipping a car from Florida to California. 

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car From California to Florida and From Florida to California?

There’s almost 3,000 miles between the West Coast and the East Coast and that’s a lot of miles to cover. That being said, you can expect it to take between 7 and 9 business days.  

Why Choose SGT Auto Transport?

There are hundreds of different auto transport companies to choose from so why choose ours?

  • Competitive prices: We offer auto transport services to suit a range of budgets. 
  • Top quality customer service: Whenever you need them, our shipping advisors are available.
  • Discounts and special offers: Get in touch to check if you’re eligible.
  • Wide variety of services: Including open car transport, enclosed auto transport and more. 
  • USDOT and FMCSA provider: Your car is safe with us. 
  • We can arrange the quickest pick-up time frame: We don’t believe you should wait around unnecessarily. 
  • We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Call (864) 546-5038 or use our Live Chat option. 
  • BBB Accredited Business.
  • 6+ years of auto transport experience.
  • More than 12,000 happy customers.

When you’re ready to make the arrangements to ship a car from California to Florida or ship a car from Florida to California, get the ball rolling with our online instant quote calculator. If you prefer to speak directly with our shipping advisors call at (864) 546-5038 or use our live chat option.

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