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Chris M.
Great experience - deliver was faster than expected. Thank you!!!
Doug P
This was the best transport company I have used from start to finish. Everything was smooth and the people were great.
Gary Paduana
I had a great experience going with SGT to ship a vehicle approximately 1400 miles. They arrived on time, loaded up quickly, and met me on the receiving end at my convenience.
Jeff Sundin
They made it easy to transport a car from Oregon to Alabama and returned calls fairly quickly. Thank you for the efficient service.
Mike B.
This is the second time I used SGT and I was just as happy with my service this time as the last time. Very responsive and competitive prices.
Robert B.
Was great all around experience, driver was great and professional at pick up. Good outfit to work with

How does Montana truck and car transport work?

SGT Auto Transport is one of the best Montana transportation companies shipping to/from Montana. We’ve got years of experience, and Montana auto shipping is one of our many specialties. We have a dedicated sales team on hand to help you get the shipping service you need. We also have dispatch, support, and claims departments, which will ensure your shipments run smoothly.

To make moving from Montana or to Montana even easier for you, the process has been streamlined, and we manage it on your behalf. This all adds up to you getting a Montana transport service that’s affordable, easy, and quick.

How much does auto transport to/from Montana cost?

The cost of auto transport to/from Montana is affected by several things. The distance and the make and model of your car are at the top of the list, but these aren’t the only contributing factors. Here is a list of all the factors that have to be taken into consideration. They are:

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red calendar icon
Pick-up date
Painted red road and grey road contours
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Vehicle (Make and Model)
vehicle condition icon
Vehicle condition
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Transport method
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How long does an auto transport carrier take to ship a car to/from Montana?

If you’re shipping a car to/from Montana for a distance of fewer than 200 miles, the average time it takes will be 1-2 days. For longer distances of 2,000 miles or more, the time frame can be up to 9 days. But rest assured, our shipping advisors will do everything they can to make your auto transport experience a quick and efficient one without any delays.

How long it will take to ship a car to/from Montana is affected by many factors. These include distance, road construction and traffic, seasonality, driver’s hours, weather conditions, and detours. If you need to ship a car super quick, our express car shipping services or guaranteed pick-up will expedite the process.

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SGT Auto Transport services in Montana

We can arrange pick-ups and deliveries across the state if you need Montana car shipping

Anaconda, MT

Auto Shipping Services to or from Anaconda Montana:

59711, 59722, 59756, 59762 & surrounding areas

Belgrade, MT

Vehicle Hauling Services to or from Belgrade Montana:

59714 & surrounding areas

Billings, MT

Car Transport Services to or from Billings Montana:

59101, 59102, 59103, 59104, 59105, 59106 & surrounding areas

Bozeman, MT

Car Shipping Services to or from Bozeman Montana:

59715, 59718 & surrounding areas

Butte, MT

Auto Shipping Services to or from Butte Montana:

59701, 59703, 59711, 59727, 59743, 59748, 59750, 59759 & surrounding areas

Great Falls, MT

Vehicle Hauling Services to or from Great Falls Montana:

59401, 59404, 59405, 59414 & surrounding areas

Havre, MT

Auto Shipping Services to or from Havre Montana:

59501 & surrounding areas

Helena, MT

Car Shipping Services to or from Helena Montana:

59601, 59602, 59635 & surrounding areas

Kalispell, MT

Car Transport Services to or from Kalispell Montana:

59901 & surrounding areas

Laurel, MT

Auto Hauling Services to or from Laurel Montana:

59044 & surrounding areas

Lewiston, MT

Auto Transport Services to or from Lewiston Montana:

59457 & surrounding areas

Livingston, MT

Vehicle Carrier Services to or from Livingston Montana:

59047 & surrounding areas

Miles City, MT

Car Shipping Services to or from Miles City Montana:

59301 & surrounding areas

Missoula, MT

Auto Transport Services to or from Missoula Montana:

59801, 59802, 59803, 59804, 59808 & surrounding areas

Sidney, MT

Car Hauling Services to or from Sidney Montana:

59270 & surrounding areas

Whitefish, MT

Car Carrier Services to or from Whitefish Montana:

59937 & surrounding areas

Top tips for anyone moving to Montana

Make your move to Montana as easygoing as possible with our moving to Montana checklist

Top 5 hints for moving to Montana

Montana has a low population density. You’re able to drive for long stretches on empty roads or settle down in a home that’s miles from its nearest neighbor.

Winter sports are huge in Montana. The state boasts 15 ski areas and resorts, including the famous Big Sky Resort, with 5,800 acres of ski-able land.

Montana winters are extremely cold and feature unpredictable temperature swings. Between November and March, temperatures swing between 50 degrees above zero and 50 degrees below.

Montana’s tough winters and chewed-up rural roads make a four-wheel drive more of a necessity than a luxury.

Montana is a fairly taxpayer-friendly state. Its property taxes are lower than the US average, plus there is no sales tax. Income tax is between 1.00% and 6.90%.

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