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Jason M
Excellent service
Darian A
SGT Auto Transport did a great job facilitating my vehicle transportation, and the team communicated well throughout the process.
Drew R
This shipping company is great. Fast delivery and the cheapest shipping with very competitive pricing. And to top it off I just gave Noah from SGT my details and her took care of everything for me. Awesome company!
Sandy L
We had SGT Auto Transport deliver a jeep wrangler to us and it was over 450 miles and we are very satisfied with the fast customer service and prompt delivery. We highly recommend SGT Auto Transport. Thank you very
Phillip T
Good company. We used them to ship our son's car from San Diego to Austin, TX. We had no problems and the staff was very good all around. The price was exactly as estimated.
Bill T
Stellar Communication, Professional And Reliable.

How does shipping a car to or from New Jersey work?

SGT Auto Transport can provide a car shipping service to meet your needs. We’ve been shipping cars to/from New Jersey for many years and have a wealth of experience. To ensure you get the service you need we have a dedicated sales team. Alongside this our dispatch, support, and claims departments take care of your shipment and make sure it runs smoothly.

There are numerous popular auto transport routes that start and end and cross the state of New Jersey. One of our more popular NJ auto transport destinations is Jersey City. If you ever need to ship your car to or from Jersey City, we can be relied on for top rated services 365 days of the year.

We’ve streamlined the process and provide a car transport service to/from New Jersey we’re very proud of. We take care of all the details so you’ll get a safe, smooth, swift, and affordable car shipping service with us.

We provide New Jersey auto transport in 3 simple steps:

How much does car shipping to or from New Jersey cost?

When you want to ship your car to/from New Jersey, certain factors affect how much your New Jersey auto transport service will cost. At the top of the list is the distance your vehicle has to travel, closely followed by the make, model, and type of car. Some other factors have to be taken into consideration, for example:

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Pick-up date
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Vehicle (Make and Model)
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Vehicle condition
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Transport method
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How long does New Jersey auto transport take?

You can expect New Jersey auto transport to take between 1 and 2 days for distances of less than 200 miles. It can take up to 9 days if the distance is more than 2,000 miles. But don’t worry because one of our priorities is to make sure your car is shipped quickly, efficiently, and with no delays.

Several factors impact the timeframe for your New Jersey auto transport service. These include traffic, detours, road construction, seasonality, weather conditions, and distance. If you need to ship your car to/from New Jersey in double quick time, you can speed up the process by choosing express auto transport or booking a guaranteed pick-up.

Top 10 most popular New Jersey car shipping routes

Get the best New Jersey auto transport service by comparing our prices and times

New JerseyFlorida  4 - 5 days$750 - $900
New JerseyIllinois  4 - 5 days$700 - $900
New JerseyTexas  5 - 7 days$1000 - $1200
New JerseyCalifornia  7 - 9 days$1100 - $1500
New JerseyGeorgia  3 - 4 days$750 - $900
FloridaNew Jersey  4 - 5 days$1000 - $1100
IllinoisNew Jersey  4 - 5 days$600 - $800
TexasNew Jersey  5 - 7 days$800 - $1000
CaliforniaNew Jersey  7 - 9 days$1200 - $1400
GeorgiaNew Jersey  3 - 4 days$700 - $900

* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of 2024. The prices are subject to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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SGT Auto Transport service areas in New Jersey

New Jersey auto transport services include pick-ups and deliveries anywhere in the country

Brick, NJ

Car Shipping Services to or from Brick New Jersey:

08624, 08723, 08724, 08738, 08739, 08742 & surrounding areas

Camden, NJ

Auto Transport Services to or from Camden New Jersey:

08102, 08103, 08104, 08105, 08109, 08110 & surrounding areas

Cherry Hill, NJ

Car Hauling Services to or from Cherry Hill New Jersey:

08002, 08003, 08033, 08034, 08045, 08108, 08109 & surrounding areas

Clifton, NJ

Auto Shipping Services to or from Clifton New Jersey:

07011, 07012, 07013, 07014, 07043, 07055, 07110 & surrounding areas

Edison, NJ

Auto Shipping Services to or from Edison New Jersey:

08817, 08818, 08820, 08837, 08899 & surrounding areas

Elizabeth, NJ

Car Shipping Services to or from Elizabeth New Jersey:

07083, 07201, 07202, 07206, 07208 & surrounding areas

Hamilton, NJ

Auto Shipping Services to or from Hamilton New Jersey:

08619, 08690, 08691 & surrounding areas

Jersey City, NJ

Auto Transport Services to or from Jersey City New Jersey:

07002, 07087, 07302, 07304, 07305, 07306, 07307, 07310, 07311 & surrounding areas

Lakewood, NJ

Auto Shipping Services to or from Lakewood New Jersey:

08701 & surrounding areas

Newark, NJ

Car Transport Services to or from Newark New Jersey:

07017, 07102, 07103, 07104, 07105, 07106, 07107, 07108, 07111, 07112, 07114 & surrounding areas

Paterson, NJ

Car Hauling Services to or from Paterson New Jersey:

07501, 07502, 07503, 07504, 07505, 07513, 07514, 07522, 07524 & surrounding areas

Toms River, NJ

Car Shipping Services to or from Toms River New Jersey:

08753, 08755 & surrounding areas

Trenton, NJ

Auto Hauling Services to or from Trenton New Jersey:

08608, 08609, 08610, 08611, 08618, 08629, 08638, 08648 & surrounding areas

Woodbridge, NJ

Car Shipping Services to or from Woodbridge New Jersey:

07064, 07095, 08830, 08861, 08863 & surrounding areas

Top tips for moving to New Jersey

Make your move to New Jersey smooth and stress-free

Top 5 hints for transporting/moving to this state

You need to prepare yourself for some extreme weather. Move to New Jersey, and you’ll finally understand the word “blizzard.” Waterproof boots and a quality car battery are essentials. In the summer, there are around 30 thunderstorms across the state. The state can also experience multiple power outages due to extreme weather, so ensure you’ve got an emergency plan.

New Jersey might be the fourth-smallest state by landmass, but it is the most population-dense state in the US.

The state is home to some of the fastest-growing job sectors, including home health care, operations, nursing, physical therapy, optometry, diagnostic imagery, and occupational therapy.

You might find that everything in New Jersey is a little more expensive than you’re accustomed to. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, which means it’s not a cheap place to live.

There are some weird traffic laws in the state. Traffic circles are something you need to get used to, along with a thing called the Jersey Jughandle. This is a ramp on the right side of the road that you use to make left-hand turns on busy roads.

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