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Chris M.
Great experience - deliver was faster than expected. Thank you!!!
Doug P
This was the best transport company I have used from start to finish. Everything was smooth and the people were great.
Gary Paduana
I had a great experience going with SGT to ship a vehicle approximately 1400 miles. They arrived on time, loaded up quickly, and met me on the receiving end at my convenience.
Jeff Sundin
They made it easy to transport a car from Oregon to Alabama and returned calls fairly quickly. Thank you for the efficient service.
Mike B.
This is the second time I used SGT and I was just as happy with my service this time as the last time. Very responsive and competitive prices.
Robert B.
Was great all around experience, driver was great and professional at pick up. Good outfit to work with

How does Kansas car shipping work?

Put your faith in a company like SGT Auto Transport because we’ve got years of solid experience. One of our specialties is auto transport to/from Kansas City and across the entire state. On hand to guide you through the process, we have an enthusiastic team. From the moment you get in touch, your satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate goals. To ensure this happens we provide a smooth auto transport service.

For your utmost convenience, we’ve simplified the auto transport process. To make the whole experience stress-free, our shipping advisors handle every step of the car shipping process for you.

It takes just 3 steps to ship a car to/from Kansas:

How much does auto transport to/from Kansas cost?

There are more than a handful of factors that can affect the cost of Kansas car shipping. The distance, make, model and type of car to be shipped are the most obvious. However, other more subtle factors have to be taken into account, whether you want to ship a car to or from Kansas. These factors include:

distance icon
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Pick-up date
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Vehicle (Make and Model)
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Vehicle condition
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Transport method
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How long does auto transport to/from Kansas City and across the state take?

For distances of 200 miles or less, the standard time it takes for auto transport to/from Kansas City or anywhere else in the country is 1-2 days. When the distance is a little longer, say 2,000 miles or more, your Kansas car shipping service can take up to 9 days, on average. However, please don’t stress about the timeframe because we do everything possible to make your car shipping experience the best it can be. When it comes to speed of service, our aim is to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Many factors can affect how long Kansas car shipping can take. The weather, seasonality, traffic, detours, road construction, distance, and driver’s hours can all have an effect. If you need to expedite the process because you’re short of time, choose express car shipping or a guaranteed pick-up shipping service.

Top 10 most popular routes for Kansas car shipping

Comparing times and prices will help you make a decision that’s right for you

KansasIllinois  2 - 4 days$500 - $600
KansasSouth Carolina  4 - 6 days$900 - $1100
KansasConnecticut  4 - 6 days$900 - $1100
KansasFlorida  4 - 6 days$850 - $1000
KansasColorado  2 - 4 days$550 - $750
IllinoisKansas  2 - 4 days$600 - $900
South CarolinaKansas  4 - 6 days$900 - $1100
ConnecticutKansas  4 - 6 days$1000 - $1200
FloridaKansas  4 - 6 days$900 - $1250
ColoradoKansas  2 - 4 days$550 - $750

* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of 2024. The prices are subject to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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SGT Auto Transport services in Kansas

Auto transport to/from Wichita, KS, and across the state is one of our specialties

Kansas City, KS

Auto Shipping Services to or from Kansas City Kansas:

66012, 66101, 66102, 66103, 66104, 66105, 66106, 66109, 66111, 66112, 66115, 66118, 66217 & surrounding areas

Lawrence, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Lawrence Kansas:

66044, 66045, 66046, 66047, 66049 & surrounding areas

Lenexa, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Lenexa Kansas:

66018, 66061, 66062, 66210, 66214, 66215, 66216, 66217, 66219, 66220, 66227 & surrounding areas

Manhattan, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Manhattan Kansas:

66502, 66503, 66506 & surrounding areas

Overland Park, KS

Car Transport Services to or from Overland Kansas:

66013, 66062, 66083, 66085, 66202, 66203, 66204, 66206, 66207, 66209, 66210, 66211, 66212, 66213, 66214, 66215, 66221, 66223, 66224 & surrounding areas

Olathe, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Olathe Kansas:

66018, 66061, 66062, 66215, 66219, 66227 & surrounding areas

Salina, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Salina Kansas:

67401, 67470 & surrounding areas

Shawnee, KS

Auto Transport Services to or from Shawnee Kansas:

66203, 66214, 66216, 66217, 66218, 66226, 66227 & surrounding areas

Topeka, KS

Car Hauling Services to or from Topeka Kansas:

66409, 66546, 66603, 66604, 66605, 66606, 66607, 66608, 66609, 66610, 66611, 66612, 66614, 66615, 66616, 66617, 66618, 66619, 66621, 66622 & surrounding areas

Wichita, KS

Auto Hauling Services to or from Wichita Kansas:

67037, 67052, 67067, 67101, 67106, 67202, 67203, 67204, 67205, 67206, 67207, 67208, 67209, 67210, 67211, 67212, 67213, 67214, 67215, 67216, 67217, 67218, 67219, 67220, 67223, 67226, 67228, 67230, 67235, 67260 & surrounding areas

Top tips for anyone moving to Kansas

Make your move to Kansas a thoughtful one

Top 5 hints for transporting/moving to this state

After moving to the state of Kansas, new residents have 90 days to get a KS driver’s license. You must also register an out-of-state vehicle within the same period.

Outside of Kansas City, there aren’t a whole lot of public transportation options. As a result, most residents, especially those living in rural areas, rely on cars, trucks, and other personal vehicles.

Kansas lies in Tornado Alley, which means there’s a considerable risk of experiencing severe natural disasters. For many years, the state has seen no less than 60 twisters annually for many years.

The cost of living in Kansas is 21% lower than the US average. This means that almost everyone can have a fit lifestyle. The low cost of living is mainly because Kansas produces its food and consumer products, which means that the most basic needs are readily available and therefore cost less.

If you dream of becoming a homeowner, moving to Kansas could be the right move. Homes are very affordable in the state and more than 70% of Kansas residents own their own homes.

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