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Jason M
Excellent service
Darian A
SGT Auto Transport did a great job facilitating my vehicle transportation, and the team communicated well throughout the process.
Drew R
This shipping company is great. Fast delivery and the cheapest shipping with very competitive pricing. And to top it off I just gave Noah from SGT my details and her took care of everything for me. Awesome company!
Sandy L
We had SGT Auto Transport deliver a jeep wrangler to us and it was over 450 miles and we are very satisfied with the fast customer service and prompt delivery. We highly recommend SGT Auto Transport. Thank you very
Phillip T
Good company. We used them to ship our son's car from San Diego to Austin, TX. We had no problems and the staff was very good all around. The price was exactly as estimated.
Bill T
Stellar Communication, Professional And Reliable.

How does car transport to/from Maine work?

Let SGT Auto Transport ship your car to/from Maine because we’re one of the best auto transport companies for the job. We’ve been shipping cars in and out of the state of Maine for several years now and have the experience to show for it. Check in with our experienced sales team because they’ll make sure your auto transport service exceeds your expectations. We’ve also got teams on hand to ensure your shipment goes without a hitch.

Maine car shipping is one of our specialties, so you can trust us for your Maine auto transport needs. We ship cars at a price that suits your budget and do it safely and securely.

The 3 steps in the shipping process are:

How much does car shipping to/from Maine work?

If you’re looking for car haulers in Maine, the cost of auto transport to/from Maine depends on several factors. Coming in at the top of the list is the distance. An equally important factor is the make, model, and type of car you want to ship to/from Maine. However, these aren’t the only important factors. The cost of auto transport to/from Maine depends on:

distance icon
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Pick-up date
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Vehicle (Make and Model)
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Vehicle condition
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Transport method
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How long does vehicle transport to/from Maine take?

If the distance you need to ship your car is less than 200 miles, shipping your car to/from Maine should take around two days. For distances of 2,000+, it could take 9 days. However, this is just a benchmark figure, and we do everything in our power to ensure the shipping of your car is quick, efficient and there are no delays.

The time it takes for an auto transport company to ship a car to’/from Maine can be affected by several things. These include weather conditions, distance, driver’s hours, traffic, detours, road construction, and seasonality. If you need to get your car shipped to/from Maine quickly, there are express shipping and guaranteed pick-up services.

Top 10 most popular routes for auto transport to/from Maine

Here our rates and timeframes for auto transport to/from Maine for comparison

MaineFlorida  4 - 6 days$1000 - $1300
MaineCalifornia  8 - 10 days$1650 - $1850
MaineIllinois  4 - 5 days$950 - $1150
MaineTexas  5 - 7 days$1250 - $1450
MaineWashington  8 - 10 days$1600 - $1800
FloridaMaine  4 - 6 days$1150 - $1350
CaliforniaMaine  8 - 10 days$1700 - $1900
IllinoisMaine  4 - 5 days$1000 - $1200
TexasMaine  5 - 7 days$1200 - $1400
WashingtonMaine  8 - 10 days$1700 - $1900

* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of 2024. The prices are subject to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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SGT Auto Transport services to/from Maine

Collections and deliveries can be made across the state with auto transport to/from Maine

Auburn, ME

Auto Transport Services to or from Auburn Maine:

04210, 04258 & surrounding areas

Augusta, ME

Auto Transport Services to or from Augusta Maine:

04330, 04332, 04333, 04336, 04338 & surrounding areas

Bangor, ME

Auto Shipping Services to or from Bangor Maine:

04401, 04444 & surrounding areas

Biddeford, ME

Auto Shipping Services to or from Biddeford Maine:

04401, 04444 & surrounding areas

Lewiston, ME

Car Hauling Services to or from Lewiston Maine:

04240. 04241, 04243 & surrounding areas

Portland, ME

Car Transport Services to or from Portland Maine:

04019, 04050, 04101, 04102, 04103, 04108, 04109 & surrounding areas

Saco, ME

Car Shipping Services to or from Saco Maine:

04072 & surrounding areas

Sanford, ME

Car Shipping Services to or from Sanford Maine:

04073, 04083 & surrounding areas

South Portland, ME

Auto Shipping Services to or from South Portland Maine:

04106, 04107 & surrounding areas

Westbrook, ME

Car Shipping Services to or from Westbrook Maine:

04092, 04098 & surrounding areas

Top tips for anyone moving to Maine

Make your move to Maine an informed one

Top 5 hints for transporting/moving to Maine

Maine’s winters can be harsh at times, with the average low temperature in January a mere 11 degrees. That means you need to be prepared for heavy snowfall and the accompanying shoveling jobs, cars stuck in driveways, and dicey driving conditions.

On the other hand, autumn is, for many people, the favorite time of the year. When fall comes around, you’ll soon appreciate the beauty of it if you live in Maine. Autumn in Maine puts Autumn almost anywhere else to shame. You can expect picturesque views of leaves putting on a gorgeous display, turning the most elegant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Maine welcomes new residents with open arms. The state population is not rising very fast, and the state government has partnered with many employers to attract new talent.

When you become a Maine resident, you have to obtain a Maine driver’s license, change your vehicle title and registration, and register to vote in the state.

To become a Maine statutory resident, you have to spend more than 183 days in the state during the tax year and have a permanent home in Maine for the whole tax year.

We provide a top-rated service for auto transport to/from Maine

We’re one of the best auto transport companies shipping to/from the State of Maine


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We provide vehicle shipping services to/from Maine and across the country

When it comes to shipping cars to/from Maine, we’re considered to be one of the best nationwide companies

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How Much is Car Transport Service?

The cost of auto shipping, or what you should expect to pay as the cost to ship your car, will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Open carrier or enclosed carrier
  • Time of year
  • Distance
  • Location

To get the best idea of what the car transporter cost will be, call us at (917) 563-6616 or contact us now on Live Chat.

How long is my quote valid for?

Our Quotes are valid for 7 calendar days but you can update your quote or get a new one at any time.

Please, keep in mind that this is a very dynamic market and rates change on a weekly basis. This is why we cannot provide a quote that is valid for longer than 7 calendar days. We believe in fair pricing and want to give you the most accurate price. You can always contact one of our experienced car shipping advisors via phone at (917) 563-6616 or via Live Chat to get a new car shipping quote and speed up the process of your shipment.

How do I know my pick-up date and time?

We will provide you with the pick-up details as soon as a carrier has been assigned to your order. Upon dispatch, you will receive a call from our representative to inform you about the estimated pickup and delivery dates. We will also provide you with the carriers name and phone number. Additionally, you will receive our dispatch notification email in your inbox containing all the information as well. You can coordinate the exact time frame with the carrier directly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our dedicated Status Update Team at (917) 563-6616.