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If you ever need auto transport to or from San Jose, don’t waste time speaking with other car shipping companies because SGT Auto Transport has you covered. We can provide the San Jose car transport and vehicle transportation services you need, from shipping cars and trucks to motorcycles and SUVs.

We’re a fully licensed, bonded, and insured auto transport company and have many years of industry experience under our belt. We’ve been moving vehicles to and from San Jose and have an extensive list of satisfied customers to prove it. Our car shipping services include door-to-door car transport and various other vehicle transportation services. You can trust us to pick up your vehicle, transport it across California or across the country, and deliver it to a location of your choosing.

In addition, we can provide a wide range of vehicle transport and car shipping services to suit any schedule or budget. If you ever need car shipping to/from San Jose, contact SGT Auto Transport first.

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Chris M.
Great experience - deliver was faster than expected. Thank you!!!
Doug P
This was the best transport company I have used from start to finish. Everything was smooth and the people were great.
Gary Paduana
I had a great experience going with SGT to ship a vehicle approximately 1400 miles. They arrived on time, loaded up quickly, and met me on the receiving end at my convenience.
Jeff Sundin
They made it easy to transport a car from Oregon to Alabama and returned calls fairly quickly. Thank you for the efficient service.
Mike B.
This is the second time I used SGT and I was just as happy with my service this time as the last time. Very responsive and competitive prices.
Robert B.
Was great all around experience, driver was great and professional at pick up. Good outfit to work with

How does auto transport to/from San Jose, CA work?

You can trust SGT Auto Transport when it comes to shipping your vehicle to or from San Jose because we’ve got many years’ experience. Providing San Jose auto transport is something we enjoy doing and we’d love to add you to our family of satisfied customers.

Our hard-working sales team will find the best San Jose car transport service for your needs and budget. At the same time, our dedicated dispatch, support, and claims departments will ensure your vehicle is shipped safely and securely.

Together we can provide a flexible, convenient, affordable, and safe car shipping service that can be tailored to meet your needs.

How much does auto transport to/from San Jose, CA cost?

When it comes to calculating the cost of car shipping to or from San Jose, several factors must be considered. The first is the type of car you want to ship, then the distance you want us to ship it. On top of that, a few other important factors are also taken into account, for example:

Pick-up date
Vehicle (Make and Model)
Vehicle condition
Transport method

How long does San Jose auto shipping take?

If you’re shipping a vehicle less than 200 miles, it takes no more than a couple of days. However, for longer distances such as 2000 miles or more, you can expect it to take up to 9 days. This is just an estimate. You can trust our shipping advisors to work their magic and get your car shipped as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal delays.

The actual time it will take is determined by several factors. The distance you want to ship your car is the primary one, but by no means the only one. Other factors, such as road construction, traffic, seasonality, weather conditions, driver’s hours, and detours can also affect car transportation to/from San Jose. If time is of the essence, you do have other options such as express car shipping or guaranteed pick-up service.

Top 10 most popular routes for car shipping services to/from the Capital of Silicon Valley

You can make the best decision by checking out the rates and times below

San Jose, CaliforniaSan Francisco, California  1 - 2 days$379 - $529
San Jose, CaliforniaLos Angeles, California  2 - 4 days$559 - $779
San Jose, CaliforniaNew York, New York  7 - 9 days$1589 - $2229
San Jose, CaliforniaMiami, Florida  7 - 9 days$1379 - $1929
San Jose, CaliforniaChicago, Illinois  6 - 8 days$1229 - $1719
San Francisco, CaliforniaSan Jose, California  1 - 2 days$399 - $559
Los Angeles, CaliforniaSan Jose, California  2 - 4 days$499 - $699
New York, New YorkSan Jose, California  7 - 9 days$1399 - $1899
Miami, FloridaSan Jose, California  7 - 9 days$1329 - $1859
Chicago, IllinoisSan Jose, California  6 - 8 days$1099 - $1539

* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of 2024. The prices are subject to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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San Jose enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate which means warm winters and warm dry summers with very little rainfall. The San Jose area has an average temperature of 73 degrees every year and more than 300 days of sunshine. Rain is typical for November and can sometimes last until May. This makes the area green with vegetation which dies out during the summer months making it prone to fires.

San Jose has a blend of diverse cultures, a mix of both suburban historical neighborhoods, and an exciting city life. Downtown areas are perfect if you enjoy bountiful nightlife. However, more a more historic and quainter lifestyle, Willow Glen is a good neighborhood to choose.

You must register your vehicle within 20 days of entry or residency, according to the state of California’s website. You’ll need an application for Title or Registration signed by the owner as they appear on the out-of-state title. In addition, you’ll need the last issued out-of-state title, smog and weight certification, and fees or taxes, and the vehicle must be inspected by the DMV.

When moving to California, you have 10 days to acquire a California driver’s license. You will need to complete application form DL 44, provide a thumbprint, have your picture taken, and provide your full name and social security number. In addition, there is an application fee to pay, a vision test to pass, and a traffic laws and signs test to pass.

San Jose has one of the highest living costs in California and in the US. It’s around 75% higher than the national average, however, households within the city and the surrounding areas has statistically the highest disposable income of any US city.

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