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Next time you need to ship any kind of vehicle to or from Miami, FL consider SGT Auto Transport as your car shipping partner. We have the experience and skills to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, or other type of motorized vehicle nationwide.

We’ve been moving vehicles across the United States for many years and have the license and insurance to do it safely. We’re also a fully bonded auto transport company so you know you’re covered. Our range of car transport services includes door-to-door shipping, cross country shipping, and much more.

Furthermore, we provide a varied selection of auto shipping and vehicle transportation services to suit your budget and schedule. If you ever find yourself in need of car transport to/from Miami, please give us a call.

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Chris M.
Great experience - deliver was faster than expected. Thank you!!!
Doug P
This was the best transport company I have used from start to finish. Everything was smooth and the people were great.
Gary Paduana
I had a great experience going with SGT to ship a vehicle approximately 1400 miles. They arrived on time, loaded up quickly, and met me on the receiving end at my convenience.
Jeff Sundin
They made it easy to transport a car from Oregon to Alabama and returned calls fairly quickly. Thank you for the efficient service.
Mike B.
This is the second time I used SGT and I was just as happy with my service this time as the last time. Very responsive and competitive prices.
Robert B.
Was great all around experience, driver was great and professional at pick up. Good outfit to work with

How does auto transport to/from Miami, Florida work?

Thanks to our countless years of car shipping experience, we’re one of the best car shipping companies in Miami. Transporting vehicles to and from this city is something that we love. When it comes to auto transport to/from Miami, FL we offer a convenient service thanks to our car shipping specialists.

We have a professional sales team that ensures you find the perfect auto transport service for you. Backing them up are dedicated dispatch, support, and claims departments who help to make our smooth-running services possible.

Flexibility, convenience, safety, and affordability are what we aim for and a tailored service that meets your needs is what we provide.

Auto shipping to/from Miami is accomplished with 3 simple steps. It really isn’t rocket science:

How much does Miami auto shipping cost?

Car shipping companies operating in and out of Miami must take a variety of elements into account when it comes to the cost of Miami auto shipping. At the top of the list is the type of vehicle you want to ship, closely followed by the distance you want to ship it. Other determining factors include the following:

Pick-up date
Vehicle (Make and Model)
Vehicle condition
Transport method

How long does car shipping to/from Miami take?

The longer the distance between point A and point B, the more time the car shipping process takes. For distances of less than 200 miles it takes no more than 2 days. However, for 2000 miles or more, you can expect to wait up to 9 days for your car to be delivered. Rest assured, we do everything possible to ensure your vehicle is shipped safely, efficiently, and quickly.

The exact timeline is dictated by numerous factors, the key one being how far you want to ship your car. Other influences include traffic and road conditions, seasonality, driver’s hours, weather conditions, and detours. If time is of the essence for you, there is the option of booking a guaranteed pick-up service or express car transport.

Top 10 most popular routes for auto transport services to/from Miami

Check out the following rates and time frames for car transport to/from Miami

Miami, FloridaSan Francisco, California  7 - 9 days$1499 - $2099
Miami, FloridaLos Angeles, California  7 - 9 days$1229 - $1719
Miami, FloridaNew York, New York  4 - 6 days$1079 - $1509
Miami, FloridaChicago, Illinois  4 - 6 days$899 - $1259
Miami, FloridaDallas, Texas  4 - 6 days$869 - $1219
San Francisco, CaliforniaMiami, Florida  7 - 9 days$1329 - $1859
Los Angeles, CaliforniaMiami, Florida  7 - 9 days$799 - $1439
New York, New YorkMiami, Florida  4 - 6 days$799 - $1119
Chicago, IllinoisMiami, Florida  4 - 6 days$819 - $1149
Dallas, TexasMiami, Florida  4 - 6 days$769 - $1079

* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of 2024. The prices are subject to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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Top tips for anyone moving to Miami

We can help make your move to Miami a Los Angeles a five-finger exercise

Top 5 hints for transporting/moving to the Gateway to the Americas

Make sure you’re prepared for the Miami weather. It’s humid and tropical and most locals would advise you to get a place with air conditioning. Miami is warm all year around, but you might not realize it’s also known for a tropical monsoon climate. In other words, be prepared for seasonal changes in the atmosphere and resulting precipitation, which may be accompanied by a hurricane.

Look into parking permits and public transportation options. Heavy traffic in the city makes walking and public transportation popular alternatives to driving everywhere. Free parking for your vehicle is often next to impossible, so you should also investigate getting a parking permit.

Miami is a melting pot of people from all over the world. As many as 80 different languages are spoken, but the most predominant ones are English and Spanish. Up to 70% of Miami residents speak Spanish at home, so you might want to brush up on your Spanish so you can better understand what’s going on around you.

Miami has many unique neighborhoods and is also surrounded by cities such as Miami Beach, Ponce-Davis, and Hialeah. Some of the more popular neighborhoods include Bay Harbor Islands, Palmetto Bay, Omni, and Key Biscayne. Families might want to consider Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, or South Miami.

The state of Florida has some of the lowest taxes in the country. There is no state income tax to pay and no estate income tax or inheritance tax. However, instead, there are other state and local taxes, primarily sales taxes of 6%.

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