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The Essential Guide to Nebraska Auto Transport


If you’ve never shipped a car before, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices. Whether you want to ship a car to or from the Cornhusker’s State makes no difference, the number of available auto transport companies in Nebraska is almost the same. 

With so many companies to pick from, how do you go about finding the best one? In this essential guide, we’ll cover this key aspect of car transportation to and from Nebraska. If you can find the best company to work with, all the rest falls into place.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Movers in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. This means there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. In addition, you’ll also find yourself with plenty of friendly people around you. A few more benefits of living in Nebraska include low crime rates, a low cost of living, affordable homes, and no local income taxes. 

If you’re thinking about moving to the state, finding the best car movers in Nebraska will make your transition smoother. For those of you moving away from Nebraska, a reliable auto transport provider will help to make things less stressful. Here’s a list of some of the things to consider.

Check the company’s license

The first and most important thing to check if you’re looking for auto transport to or from Nebraska is whether an operator has a license. To operate legally, car shipping companies must be licensed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Open vs. enclosed Nebraska auto transport

Legitimate car shipping companies typically offer two types of auto transport services: open or enclosed shipping. Both are reliable services but they have some significant differences.

Open car transport is the most common choice and you’ll find most companies offer reasonable rates for this option. It’s the best option if you’re shipping a standard car.

However, if you want to ship a luxury, unique, antique, custom, or expensive car, enclosed auto transport is the better option. Unlike open car transport, your car is transported in an enclosed trailer which provides 100% protection. 

You can expect to pay between 30% and 40% more for enclosed car shipping services. If you’d like to compare prices to help you decide, we’ve got an instant online quote calculator available on this website.

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Check insurance coverage

Insurance plays a vital role in the car shipping process. If a company you’re considering doesn’t offer insurance coverage, think of this a red flag. 

Auto transport companies should offer insurance in case of unforeseen events that happen during the car shipping process. 

Choose a car shipping company that includes insurance coverage, is bonded and licensed and your auto transport experience will be a safe and secure one. 

Read plenty of customer reviews

Customer reviews are a useful tool to take advantage of if you want to choose the right auto transport company. You’ll find customer reviews on most company websites, but don’t just read those. 

Check the company’s social media profiles and also visit some of the customer review sites you can find online. Third-party review sites will help you better understand a company and what to expect should any challenges arise. 

Ask about delivery timelines

There are standard timelines in the auto transport industry, but car shipping companies are also able to tailor services to meet specific customer needs. 

For example, you might be making your booking at the last minute. Alternatively, you might also want to expedite the process

When you contact a company, ask about timeframes, what other options are available, and how much they might cost.

Compare your options

If you put in the effort and do your research, the reward will be a smooth car shipping experience that’s great value for money. 

Once you’ve got a few names to consider, call each one or check their website to learn more about the company and their transport charges. 

It’s better not to opt for a company that’s offering the cheapest rates because this is often a reflection of poor services and such companies are better avoided.   

How does car shipping to and from Nebraska work?

The car shipping process is very simple regardless of whether you want to ship a car to or from Nebraska. 

All it takes to ship a car is 3 quick, simple, and easy steps.

  • Step 1: Get a quote and book your order
  • Step 2: Your car is picked up
  • Step 3: Your car is delivered

If you’re reading to make arrangements for shipping your car to or from Nebraska, our shipping advisors are waiting to take your call at (864) 546-5038. You can also use our Live Chat option.  

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